In order to deregister your TOUCH controller, please fill out this online form:

TOUCH Deregister Request Screenshot


Check if the "Mirror Displays" feature in your display settings is deactivated.
Mirror Displays Settings


Check whether your monitor is set as extended monitor.
Extended Monitor Settings
In case the touch screen does not work correctly, please check whether all cables are attached firmly. Also, make sure that your TOUCH controller is set as extended monitor.

Should you still not be able to use the touch screen, please proceed as follows:


1. Search for "UPDD Calibrate" and start the application.
UPDD Calibrate

2. Now the UPDD calibrating tool should be visible. If it appears on your computer screen instead of the touch screen, click on “Next” until it appears on your touch screen. Now touch the screen and tap on the cross with your finger.
Identify Touch Device


1. Please open the Control Panel while you have Virtual DJ with Touch connected and powered on. Open up Tablet PC settings.
Tablet Settings

2. Select your RELOOP-TOUCH display and go to Setup.
Tablet Display Settings

3. If this appears on your computer screen, please press Enter until it appears on your touch screen. When this appears on your touch screen, tap it several times until this picture disappears. Now the touch surface should be assigned to the touch screen. These settings should be saved automatically in your Windows settings.
Identify Screen
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