The build-in miniInnofader Pro's have precise configuration possibilites.
Learn how to adjust your crossfader or linefader cut-in in our ELITE Did You Know Tutorial.

If you have any issues carrying out this configuration, contact our support team via our Support Ticket Request.
Alternatively you can do a fader recalibration with the help of our Reloop ELITE mini Innofader Pro calibration process.

In our ‚Did You Know‘-Video we explain details regarding the firmware menu and how to access it.

Yes, the Serato DJ Pro FX can also be used with external audio sources.
This requires a connection to the computer & Serato DJ Pro.
Here you can find a tutorial:

Go to the firmware menu (tutorial: ELITE - DID YOU KNOW).
Under “FX-Fader“ you can select between FX1 or FX1-FX3.

FX Fader

If the LOAD buttons are blinking and the SHIFT button is lit, the firmware update mode is active.
In this case please carry out the firmware update.
Afterwards the mixer should be able to be switched on as usual.
The firmware update can be found in our download finder:
Please follow the instructions from the readme text file.
NOTE: In order to open the JAR file, the latest Java version needs to be installed. https://www.java.com

Please see in this demo by DJ Angelo:

In our ‚Did You Know‘-Video we explain how custom mappings could be used based on an example. Or you can proceed as follows:

1. First set TWEAK FX to custom mode, by pressing the MODE button until the LED is lit green.

2. Make sure that “Allow Serato Hardware Remapping“ is activated in the Serato DJ Pro settings.

3. Make sure that you are creating a new MIDI mapping in Serato DJ Pro:

4. Now click MIDI in your Serato DJ Pro view and click the desired MIDI command. Now turn the filter knob to configure the MIDI assignment.

5. Now save your mapping.

Please register your Reloop Elite only under the following link: www.reloop.com/bpmsupreme

You will receive your voucher code via e-mail that you can use to redeem your BPM Supreme 90-days trial offer under https://reloop.bpmsupreme.com/.

NOTE: Please be informed that you cannot redeem the code for an already existing subscription at BPM Supreme.

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