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This is the heart of our company. Creativity meets years of experience in designing new products and exploring new concepts. Extensive industry knowledge, passion for DJ technology, and the persistent desire to create cutting-edge ideas that push boundaries is what drives our Product Development Team. Our products are exclusively developed and designed in Germany and then assembled by selected Asian production partners. The R&D is closely connected to the DJ scene and many well-known artists continue to provide valuable input for our innovations - underlining our company philosophy “by DJs, for DJs”.

Reloop Development

Our CEO Gerald Barbyer and product manager Christian Holtkamp developing new products.


Layout Geniuses

These talented individuals regularly point the lens towards gifted artists. They produce high quality photographic and video content to shed the right light on our innovations. New ideas and possibilities are frequently considered in order to reach new heights in the demanding world of DJing with regular DJ showcases, product presentations, and other interesting marketing material.

Reloop Graphics

Photoshop wizards Daniel Schleusner and Chris Brandt designing new ads.


Technical Support

No matter if it is via mail, support ticket or our social media channels, these motivated employees will do everything to find the right solution to your queries. Reloop attaches great importance on the daily interaction with our customers and we appreciate any kind of feedback or input.

Reloop Support

Product Specialist testing new beta-updates.


Sales Masters

These motivated individuals are the eyes and ears of the company. They will help you with your needs and answer all your questions. Furthermore, they will make sure that the latest products and innovations will find their way to different markets around the globe.

Reloop Sales

Our sales team analyzes sales trends.


Marketing Experts

Here is where the creative thinking happens when it comes to reaching out for the right customers. To ensure that the hungry world of DJs is constantly updated with news from Reloop HQ, this team collects valuable marketing data to be presented to the public. In close cooperation with the product development department, our marketing specialists find the best methods to support new product launches with spectacular marketing campaigns.

Reloop Marketing

Marketing expert Nicole Jahn and the Social Media / SEO team planning new promotion campaigns.


Logistic Staff

Our Logistic staff and their skilled hands ensure that our products enter and leave the warehouse in a timely manner. They are experts in navigating through our vast range of DJ and studio products.

Reloop Logistics

Our warehouse manager Oliver Heckmanns and his team organize over 1000 transactions a day.


Workshop Gurus

These guys have the German Quality Awareness flowing through their veins. Precision in workmanship is what makes our service so successful. In close cooperation with the product development team, our Service Team makes Reloop products better every single day.

Reloop Service

Service engineers Martin Stürz and Andreas Dick inspecting incoming shipments to assure the quality.


Production Plants

Our production lines are equipped with the latest state of the art machinery, operated by experienced and skilled manufacturing staff. This is how our developed projects are precision-crafted and carefully assembled for you. Long-term business relationships, fluent close communication, and regular inspection and engineering trips to our partners are the key to our reliable production facilities.

Reloop Production

Select factories assemble products that are designed and developed by Reloop with the highest precision and solid quality control.


Pure Love For The Vinyl Culture

From Scratch

Our heart beats for analog equipment and you can still feel this devotion in our current product range. It's created for DJ purists, turntablists, vinyl-junkies, record collectors, and old school heroes. It's created for you. This is why a vast part of our main assortment consists of sturdy mixers and turntable weapons ready for the battle.

Pure Love for the Vinyl Culture


Precision engineered for pristine audio quality, built to last and crafted with cutting-edge technology. The RP-8000, which recently won the DJ Tech Award, is clearly the most advanced and innovative DJ turntable on the market.

Mixing The Future

Digital Revolution

Our next-gen DJ controllers and DVS tools are designed to work natively across most platforms and support all major software solutions for maximum connectivity and flexibility. Whether you are a novice or a pro using Mac, PC, Android or iOS – we've got you covered.

Mixing the Future

As much as we love a classic DJ setup, we also embrace the smart and forward-thinking digital world opening new horizons for performers. At Reloop, we use this technology to pave the way for new mixing dimensions, fusing DJing and live music manipulation.

Strong Partners Empower Our Products

The Danish manufacturer Ortofon was founded in 1918 and is today the world's largest producer for magnetic cartridges for turntables. Initially the company made soundtracks for movies, but in 1948 it manufactured its first moving coil cartridge and since then developed into the number one choice for musicians, DJs and listeners. Ortofon will offer you the best suited solution to ensure the most accurate sound reproduction for any style of music.

The New Zealand based company Serato creates world leading audio software for professional DJs and musicians. Here, new performance tools are created regularly and setting the direction for new hardware from various manufacturers. Especially amongst Hip Hop and scratch DJs, Serato is an indispensable instrument and their number one choice for creative routines.

The world's best selling DJ app for iPhone and iPad is taking the DJ industry by storm. Algoriddim manages to combine sophisticated technology with intuitive design and further manages to eliminate the boundary between consumer and professional-level software. Djay, Algoriddim's flagship product, is gaining more and more popularity and enjoys an international audience of consumers, professional DJs and renowned artists.

VirtualDJ is the most used DJ software on the planet, with more than 150 million downloads, and is used by everybody from bedroom DJs to international superstars.

Berlin-based music software company Ableton is a leading producer and distributor for music production and performance tools. The company's product Ableton Live and the more advanced Ableton Suite are one of the world's most well-known music production tools, and they are being used by many famous artists during their live performances.

German company Glorious was established in 2004 and quickly developed into a leading brand for high-quality DJ furniture and DJ accessories. Sophisticated materials meet a noble and minimalistic design, allowing DJs and producers to use and showcase their electronic gear in the best way possible. Glorious' mission is to facilitate the productivity and creative work of DJs and producers.

DJ Schools supported by Reloop

Real DJ Academia was founded on March 9th (International DJs Days) in 2021 by the hands of Luis Cid, a.k.a. DJ Byte, Redbull Thre3style World Champion in 2015. Being Latino motivated him to create the first continuous learning and training platform for DJ's 100% online and using Spanish as base language.

The academy is focused on those music lovers who seek to discover the world of DJing, but also provides improvement tools for those DJs who want to take their careers into the next level.

Through video modules, students will be able to discover from the basics to advanced techniques, all this complemented with a strong reinforcement in musical culture.

As Real DJ Academia, we seek to promote the love of music, since it is the basis for those who wish to cultivate the art of DJing.

Real Dj Academia


The DJ Akademie is a school for DJs where you can meet already renowned artists who would like to further educate themselves or to learn new modern techniques.

Everybody gets the chance of becoming a DJ, it doesn't matter whether you are young or old, female or male!

In our DJ classes you will be taught everything from technical know-how to spinning records. You will be thoroughly prepared for your future gigs and during this time you will be supervised, so that nothing can go wrong. The classes are tailored individually to the strengths and weaknesses and also to the scholar's needs. Becoming a DJ is an exciting challenge offering the possibility to evolve on an artisitc level. It doesn't matter whether you prefer turntables or DJ CD players. The music comes from a laptop in MP3 format. Moreover, we use the popular DJ software Serato incl. an audio interface. In our DJ classes experts will teach you everything you need to become a professional DJ. You decide how in-depth the courses will be.

We offer something for everybody, from one-time classes of 45 minutes to concept DJ classes that run 18 months with 10 units each!

DJ Akademie Berlin


Even state schools regard the turntable as a musical instrument. The municipal music school of Chemnitz does so as well and has been offering DJing as a school subject since 2005, taught by Dirk Duske. Dirk has been working as a DJ since 1985. He also wrote the DJ textbook „Gut Aufgelegt!“ and he teaches all techniques necessary for spinning. Among his most successful protégés are DJane Tereza who already spun records for Adidas at the New York Fashion Week and also produced music with DJ Hell and Sepalot, respectively, and SoSoKev, Fler's official DJ.

Classes are tought with the help of two Reloop RP-8000 turntables and a Reloop KUT mixer.

DJ School Chemnitz


Audiomusica School was founded in 1999 with the idea of providing music education to people so that they have the opportunity to develop their artistic skills through the interpretation of the instruments.

Our methodology is based on recognizing and valuing the potential of students, identifying talents in each one of them to facilitate their development. In this way, we seek to know and respect the rhythms and learning styles of each student.

Our mission is to spread knowledge and passion for music people in each student developing their full potential and creativity and, thus, creating more and better ways of disseminating this art.

Audio Musica DJ School Chile


At Rumkraft in Copenhagen, turntablism meets controllerism in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Your dedicated teacher will help you master the turntables and MIDI-controllers from Reloop, so that anyone can learn to scratch, mix and push buttons.

If you have an interest in music, DJing or electronic music production, don't forget to add Rumkraft on your bucket list when visiting Copenhagen.

Rumkraft Copenhagen


The leading company in Venezuela in the formation of unconventional talent, DJs and DJs producers. School with individual workstations for a better practical training of DJs and music producers and the only one backed by the international brand of DJ equipment Reloop.

Reloop DJ Academy Venezuela


More than 16 years offering seminars and workshops of excellent quality consolidated to us as the preferred by all those who seek to become true professionals, our personalized instruction allows our students to continually advance during each training process getting our main objective in each level of learning. World-renowned DJs are part of our staff, further strengthening our brand and giving assurance of our process in every step we take offering to our students the most competitive level in the industry.

Founded at the beginning of 2001 by the brothers Fernando Salcedo Achinte (DJ Diablo) and Eduardo Salcedo Achinte (DJ Fx), it becomes the best training option for professional DJs oriented to individual practical learning, with the highest quality equipment and new technology. In February 2017 we opened our new headquarters in Miami leading us to the forefront of the music industry.

Our experience coupled with the talent of our instructors and coordinators made our academy win the BEST DJ ACADEMY IN COLOMBIA 2013-2014 by COLOMBIA DANCE AWARDS (, the most important awards for the electronic music industry in Colombia.
It's time to turn your passion into a true profession, enroll now!

Mix Masters Academia Cali


Leicester-Shire Schools Music Services have written a pioneering unit of turntablism which is being taught at secondary schools around the country. Bradley Smith, course writer and Lead for Music Technology, worked alongside World DMC champion, DJ Mr Switch to produce a comprehensive set of interactive tutorial videos which accompany the course materials. Providing schools with 32 Reloop RP-8000 turntables and 16 Reloop RMX-22i mixers, classes of pupils from a range of age groups learn a range of basic scratches, turntable notation and end the unit by performing one of 4 differentiated pieces.

Extension units, which build upon the skills learnt in the first unit, are being rolled out across the country and a turntablism unit for primary age children is also being designed to help create the next generation of young turntablists.

Leicester DJ School