You can use Stems by doing a custom MIDI Mapping in Serato DJ Pro:
MIDI mapping Stems with Serato DJ Pro
Note: You need to have installed at least Serato DJ Pro 3.0

No, for most cases it is sufficient if you only connect one USB port. We have included the Dual USB cable for situations when you have linked two NEON's together and your computer does not supply sufficient power.

Yes, there are TRAKTOR PRO Mappings available in the download tab - be sure to update to the newest version for full support.

Reloop NEON is a USB MIDI controller, so it is compatible with any current DJ and studio software that supports MIDI editing within the software. The full range of functions can be maxed out with Serato DJ for which an elaborate plug-and-play mapping was developed in close cooperation with Serato.

Reloop NEON runs completely plug-and-play with Serato DJ 1.7.1 or higher.

Generally, you can control all four decks with only one NEON controller, but of course it is also possible to use a dedicated NEON per deck. Consequently a connection of up to 4 devices is possible, whereby 2 controllers can be connected directly via smart link.

Yes, they are, and it works so well that even experienced trigger artists will have lots of fun.

Yes, after purchase the optionally availabe FLIP feature can be used directly with NEON. The expansion pack is available under:

Yes, your hardware is class compliant with OSX 10.10 Yosemite and does not require any special drivers or firmware update. But please check your software website for official support info and release updates.

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