Please refer to the manual below.

Please note, that this manual is only relevant to users who have purchased a unit in Japan, USA, Australia or New Zealand, with a serial number beginning with RT1904xxxxx. All other units have this configuration already by default.


  • Please use the included micro USB cable. If you use another USB cable, make sure that the length does not exceed 60 cm.
  • Make sure that your batteries are fully charged. If the batteries go below a certain threshold, the above-mentioned issues may occur.
  • If your SPINs' batteries power runs low and you would like to switch to a different power source, make sure to take out the batteries, otherwise they stay active as the primary power source.

We recommend 18650 type batteries.

  • To charge the batteries turn on your SPIN and connect the device via micro USB to a 5V/2A power source. In order to charge with 0.5A, please make sure to have the volume in minimum position, Bluetooth disconnected and the platter not moving. Depending on your 18650 batteries’ capacity, this can take around 8-12 hours.
  • If you charge your batteries while SPIN is turned off, this charging process is slower.
  • Charging the batteries while using SPIN is not recommended as this could drain the batteries.

Use a USB power supply unit with at least 5V/1.75A, recommended is 5V/2A.

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