No, you do not need a pro subscription. You can download the free djay app in the respective app store and connect your Reloop Buddy via plug and play. The Reloop Buddy works out of the box with the djay app on many platforms without any subscription or further payment. Algoriddim has recently merged their apps into one app, but added subscriptions for pro features (e.g. video mixing, Neural Mix, pre-cueing, recording, etc.). When you connect the Buddy controller to djay, it unlocks (for free) some of these pro features. In summary, each feature or mode found on the controller does not require a pro subscription (e.g. Neural Mix, looper, sampler & pre-cueing). Other pro features (e.g. video mixing), which are not accessible via a direct Buddy control, still require a pro subscription.
Please note that the app feature set may vary, depending on the platform being used.
Please visit the djay app page on the respective platform’s app store to check which features are supported.


Hold down the Mode Button and select one of the 8 performance modes. Press the respective pad a second time while holding the Mode Button to make mode view visible in djay. The views are displayed differently in vertical and horizontal format.
Make sure that the latest driver 5.0.0 (or higher) and djay for Windows 1.0.27703.0 (or higher) are installed.
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