To integrate the FLUX into a typical DJ setup, connect it to your turntables (or CD players) and mixer as follows:

1. Inputs
Connect your turntables or CD players to the Deck Inputs on the FLUX. If you are using turntables, connect their earth wires to the earth terminal on either the FLUX or your mixer.
Reloop Flux - Inputs

2. Input Level Selection
Set each input to the correct input level using the Phono/Line switches. Set the switches to UP for Phono (turntables) or DOWN for Line (CD players).
Reloop Flux - Switches

3. Outputs
Connect the Outputs on the FLUX to the Line Inputs on your mixer.
Reloop Flux - Outputs

4. Connect the FLUX to your computer Using the provided USB cable, connect the USB-C PD port on the FLUX to an available USB-C or USB-A port on your computer. Make sure you connect it directly to your computer, not through a hub or splitter.
Reloop Flux - Setup Example

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