iPhono 2

1) Install the PCDJ LE version from the included CD or download it here:
PC: http://www.pcdj.com/downloads/dex2_le/reloop/PcdjDEX222_LE__Reloop1.exe
MAC: http://www.pcdj.com/downloads/dex2_le/reloop/PcdjDEX222_LE__Reloop1.pkg

2) Install and open the software. (Follow on screen instructions.)

3) Make sure you have the iPhono device plugged in when opening and registering the software, it needs to detect the sound device in order to run. Set the iPhono soundcard device (USB Audio Codec) as standard playback device in your OS.

4) To activate & unlock the PCDJ software: Enter your name, eMail and use the authorization key: N59A369C7LL7

5) Press "Get Code" and wait for the Activation eMail with the Unlock Code.

6) Enter the Unlock Code and start using PCDJ!