While DJing with a computer has been an industry standard for many years, DJing using smart devices, such as iOS and Android-based systems, is fast becoming a popular option. There is a great selection of controllers for DJing with smart devices out there, with solutions for beginners and advanced users.

PROs and Cons

Using a smart device for DJing offers many advantages over existing solutions. First of all, the portability of a small and compact setup is a highly attractive prospect, particularly for travelling DJs. Laptops may be getting slimmer and lighter but the form factor of an iPhone or iPad, for example, is hard to beat. In addition, touch-screen and other inclusive smart technologies provide a familiar and intuitive user-experience.

In contrast, it's worth considering that the storage limitations of a smart device may not be adequate for hosting large music libraries – this mainly applies to iOS devices as Android devices commonly offer the option of expanding storage capabilities with the use of microSD cards. Alternatively, the option of streaming music is a convenient feature offered by some DJ apps, however this relies entirely on a stable wifi connection to avoid interruptions during a performance.



Portability and form factor of smart devices Storage limitations, e.g. for large music libraries
Intuitive user-experience through smart technologies Streaming capability relies on a stable wifi connection
Streaming of music directly from the internet

Software Recommendation

With different software options available on today's market, djay Pro and djay 2 by Algoriddim are some of the most popular and trusted. They effectively turn your smart device into a full-featured DJ workstation, offering low latency for stable performances, while being compatible with iOS, Android and even macOS/Windows.

Algoriddim's djay can playback your music directly from your device's storage or stream from iTunes' or Spotify's huge audio libraries. This allows you to travel light whilst still having access to millions of tracks. The software can even suggest new songs in real-time, depending on what you've played previously, which is particularly useful for beginners in terms of discovering new music.

It's also just as attractive for experienced DJs with its pro-grade FX packages by leading software developer Sugarbytes. For those who like to mix visuals, djay Pro offers all the features needed, including 4k video playback and 1080p capturing of your master video output.

Hardware that is connected to the software works plug 'n' play and allows you to effortlessly set up your preferred DJ system. Both versions of djay are highly affordable and deliver unrivalled power for the price.

Which version is best for which user?

Djay 2

Djay Pro

2 deck mixer/single deck mode, turntable interface 4 deck mixer, multiple layout options
Recommended for iPad/iPhone, Android Recommended for iPad Pro/iPad/iPhone, Android, Mac & Windows
Spotify streaming integration Spotify streaming integration
Harmonic match, automatic key detection Harmonic match, automatic key detection
HD waveforms (colored) HD waveforms (colored)
Built-in sampler with high-quality sample packs Built-in sampler with high-quality sample packs
Audio FX by Sugar Bytes (in-app purchase) Audio FX by Sugar Bytes (in-app purchase)
Video mixing including transitions and visual FX
Advanced multitasking features
Combined media library (Spotify + local music)

Device Recommendation

When choosing a smart device for DJing, we recommend iOS devices as they only need to be compatible with a few hardware configurations which are all compiled by Apple, as opposed to Android devices which need to be compatible with various different hardware configurations. This is why DJ apps such as Algoriddim's djay are running very smoothly on iOS-based systems and appear to have less dropouts or technical complications than other options.

If an Android device is your preference, we recommend to choose a device with adequate processing power and RAM running an unmodified version of the operating system. The models of the Google Nexus series were well suited, unfortunately they are no longer manufactured. However, there are still many other devices on the market that are suitable for use with DJ apps.

Our Products

Here at Reloop, we have a range of hardware specifically designed for DJing with smart devices:


Beatpad 2

Mixon 4

Mixtour Beatpad 2 Mixon 4
Portable USB controller for iOS & Android 2-deck professional DJ controller 4-deck hybrid DJ controller
Plug 'n' play with djay Plug 'n' play with djay Plug 'n' play with djay PRO and Serato DJ
Mix-ready device with audio interface Integrated USB audio club interface Integrated 4-channel USB audio club soundcard
8 multi-colour pads & MIDI support 16 velocity sensitive RGB pads 16 velocity sensitive RGB pads
Spotify streaming connectivity Spotify streaming connectivity Spotify streaming connectivity
Dual FX mode & bipolar HP/LP filter Harmonic mixing with key lock/key match Harmonic mixing with key sync/shift
New macro FX & Pitch Play support
€199.- €499.- €699.-

Setup Examples


Mixtour Setup Example

Beatpad 2

Beatpad 2 Setup Example

Mixon 4

Mixon 4 Setup Example

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