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Founded 2004, Glorious quickly developed to become one of the leading interior providers for DJs, producers, and vinyl enthusiasts. The top quality portfolio is designed by a dedicated team of music enthusiasts, allowing users to enjoy unique and innovative products at home, in the studio or for commercial use. Our philosophy: discerning, sustainable and durable materials combined with a timeless and minimalistic design.

The intelligent, modular product construction gives you unlimited design freedom – get creative!

DJ Stations

To satisfy the requirements of professional DJs in every respect, Glorious DJ Performance Stations tick the box with their stability, ergonomics, work surface design, as well as clever details for cable routing and optional vinyl storage. The unique design of the sturdy constructions also makes them a striking feature in any room.

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Modular Mix Station

The Glorious Modular Mix Station is ideally suited as a DJ table while also being a storage place for vinyls. The six-part construction consists of four 12'' vinyl compartments, two 7'' vinyl compartments, storage space for amplifiers and cables, as well as a large storage area for your DJ set-up with laptop. As a special feature, the front cover made of high-quality acrylic in a frosted glass look can be used as an indirect light source using the optionally available LED strips.

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Glorious Session Cube XL

As a stylish and sturdy DJ Workstation, the Glorious Session Cube XL is ideally suited for use at home or in a bar or lounge environment. The stable design at an optimal working height offers plenty of space for a classic DJ set or modern controller, as the Session Cube XL has grown 25 cm wider compared to its predecessor. It is also easy to transport thanks to the practical construction.

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Hybrid combination of DJ Table and Studio Workstation

The Vintage Music Station is an innovative hybrid combination of DJ table and studio workstation in a hot retro look and is suitable for a range of different creative uses. Adaptive table legs in two different lengths allow you to vary the height meaning you can rely on individual ergonomic comfort both when mixing and when working in the studio.

Vintage Music Station

The generous tabletop also provides enough space for your studio or DJ equipment, such as two turntables with mixer or even larger DJ or studio controllers. Numerous openings, also underneath the removable table top, ensure flexible cable management allowing your equipment to be positioned perfectly.

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Studio Stations

The Glorious Studio Workstations are our all-rounders for musicians working in production. Designed to be an all-in-one solution, they will impress you with their excellent ergonomics and flexibility – including enough space for all your equipment and numerous setup options. Well thought-out cable management and plenty of storage space for your hardware allow you to work creatively in an optimally organised environment. The timeless and high-quality design makes our workstations the centrepiece of every studio – both in a professional and private environment.

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Sound Desk Pro

As the “heart of production”, the Sound Desk Pro has a wide range of creative uses. The professional Studio-Workstation has been designed with intelligence and provides plenty of room to set up your equipment: from monitors, laptop, audio-interface, and 19'' devices, to mouse and keyboard, controllers, drum machines and synths, right up to a master keyboard.

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The new work console for home and project studios from the creative Glorious forge comes in a tidy design and three different colours. Once again, the developers have really gone the extra mile and created a workstation that is designed for digital producers, studio technicians and hobby DJs alike. The extremely stable construction can be assembled in no time at all and the elegant piece of furniture offers space for all the important components of your daily production routine. Whether amplifier, studio mixer, microphone, keyboard, headphones or other equipment: They can all be stored ergonomically and are always at your fingertips.

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HiFi Stations

Glorious attracts vinyl enthusiasts, DJs and music aficionados alike with their HiFi Listening Stations & accessories. They visually enhance your prized possessions – not only as elegant hi-fi furniture in your own living room, but also in record shops. Your own music collection in a single intelligent piece of furniture – for turntables, sound carriers, amplifiers, as well as playback, listening, and storage.

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Turntable Lowboard

Retro meets modern! The Glorious Turntable Lowboard is a high quality piece of furniture in the popular 60's design making it perfect for setting up in your own living room at home. With a surface to place the turntable on and plenty of space for your vinyl collection, the Turntable Lowboard is ideal as a hi-fi listening station.

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Modular Mix Rack

With the Modular Mix Rack, Glorious has succeeded in combining a HiFi listening station and vinyl storage in a single practical product. The three-part construction consists of two large 12'' vinyl compartments, a 7'' vinyl compartment, and integrated storage space for a turntable or mixing console.

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Vinyl Storage

Your entire music collection at your finger tips – no matter whether you are in your living room or a studio. Our cleverly designed storage options are based on a modular concept and are quick and easy to assemble. Stable constructions and strong surfaces form the basis for durable products that meet the high demands of DJs and music aficionados at all times.

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Vinyl Vault

Glorious Vinyl Vault

The Glorious Vinyl Vault not only protects records, but also displays them perfectly. It is the ideal combination of functionality, aesthetics and quality for vinyl collections. With practical drawers, the vinyl record cabinet offers a convenient way to browse through your records collection and display and organise them in an eye-catching way.

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Record Rack 330

The Record Rack 330 is an progressive vinyl station in a two-part layout. Combining the Record Box 230 with the Record Box Advanced 110 gives you space for up to 330 12'’ vinyls.

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The finishing touch? The Record Box Display Door

Add to your Record Rack with the perfectly matching Record Box Display Door! By enclosing your vinyl compartments, you not only protect your collection from dust and light, but can also use the add-on to artfully display your vinyl covers.

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Can be extended with: Record Box black 230

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Fitting solutions for optimal storage and protection of your vinyl collection and further daily helpers can be found here.

Headphones Stand

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Record Stand 75

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