Reloop Mixon 8 Pro

The freedom to CREATE. The tools to INNOVATE. MIXON8

A powerful hybrid DJ controller in a class of its own - The Reloop Mixon 8 Pro effortlessly provides a complete, balanced set of features for demanding professionals. Flexible connectivity options and compatibility with two industry-leading software solutions.

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Reloop Mixon 8 Pro

Enhanced Jog Wheels with Real-Time Displays

Boasting sleek, touch-sensitive gun metal platters and high profile rims, the enhanced jog wheel design of the Mixon 8 Pro allows you to control your music precisely. And thanks to the new vivid on-jog displays, DJs are kept well informed with real-time track information, including virtual needle illumination, a playhead position indicator, and track time remaining or elapsed.

Reloop Mixon 8 Pro

Four FX Paddles for Instant Effects

As an industry first, the Mixon 8 Pro features 4 sturdy onboard FX Paddles, providing instant tactile control of all your effects. Each channel also has a 3-band EQ and dedicated sound colour filters to shape your music even more (LPF/HPF).

Reloop Mixon 8 Pro

Stand-Alone Mixer Inside

The powerful inbuilt standalone mixer with independent level meters for inputs and outputs gives you flexible connections to either turntables or media players so you can mix digital and analogue sources simultaneously (2x Phono/4x Line). For even more convenience, you can also route the dual Mic inputs (XLR/Jack) with dedicated talk-over functions into the mixer channels to perfectly EQ your live vocals with onboard controls.

Reloop Mixon 8 Pro

2x Audio Interfaces with USB-C

The dual USB audio interface of the Mixon 8 Pro provides easy connection for 2 laptops or an iPad (1x USB-B, 1x USB-C/USB-B switch) facilitating absolutely seamless handover between DJs. As another industry first, the Mixon 8 Pro offers USB-C device support for new generation Apple iPads and iPhones (incl. power delivery support) with 24-bit characteristics for superior audio quality with low latency.

Reloop Mixon 8 Pro

XXL Performance Mode Section

The spacious performance area of the Mixon 8 Pro comfortably gives you access to 8 colour-coded performance modes, including several software exclusives – with all the tools you need to maximise your mixing (Hot Cue, Loop Roll, Saved Loop, Sampler, Pitch Play³, Saved Flip⁴, Slicer, Scratch Bank, Looper Mode, Neural Mix™ Mode, Touch FX)⁵. The 16 large drum pads (30x30 mm) feature vibrant multi-coloured backlit LEDs which adapt to your choice of performance mode, and their velocity-sensitive technology allows for levels of expression according to how hard they are hit.

Reloop Mixon 8 Pro

Serato DJ Pro and Algoriddim djay Pro Compatibility

The Reloop Mixon 8 Pro has been developed from the ground up to provide the smoothest connectivity and software integration possible, straight from the box. With its Plug ’n’ Play technology, your choice of Serato DJ Pro or Algoriddim djay Pro is instantly unlocked for immediate DJing with up to 4 decks simultaneously. This multi-platform support gives you the flexibility to seamlessly mix with different software, devices, and platforms on PC, MacOS, iPadOS, or iOS. Included in the industry leading software are exclusive performance modes, such as Scratch Bank support for Serato to instantly access scratch tools, and Neural Mix™ AI technology for djay Pro to isolate vocals, drums, and instruments in real time.

Reloop Mixon 8 Pro

Neural Mix™

Also, the Reloop Mixon 8 Pro includes extensive Neural Mix™ controls for pad as well as EQ mode. By using a simple switch on the controller, users can instantly turn the EQ⁷ knobs or the FX unit into dedicated Neural Mix™ controls, allowing to isolate drums, instruments, and vocals in real-time, thus fully exploiting Algoriddim’s AI-powered technology.

Neural Mix™

DVS and Music Streaming Support

As a successor to the popular Mixon 4, the new Mixon 8 Pro was redesigned to also support DVS (Digital Vinyl System), integrating turntables and allowing full hands-on control of your music via digital vinyl⁶. Thanks to integration of popular streaming services¹ such as Apple Music², Tidal, SoundCloud, Beatport and Beatsource which offer instant access to stream and mix with over 100 million tracks in real time.

Tidal, Soundcloud, Beatsource, Beatport
Reloop Mixon 8 Pro

Professional Hardware Layout and Controls

The intuitive club-ready layout with ultra-glide high resolution faders (100 mm) allows precise tempo adjustments for smooth blends. In addition to a fully optimised crossfader for fast, sharp cuts, the new advanced Loop section features a shift layer and LED bar to show the current loop length, which can easily be halved or doubled via the dedicated control buttons. With Slip Mode activated, the track playing can be manipulated with loops or scratches without interrupting the flow of the music, providing endless live remix possibilities. Furthermore, to stay informed in the mix, each deck is equipped with Time Mode buttons to easily toggle between elapsed and remaining track time.

Reloop Mixon 8 Pro

Premium-Build Quality with integrated iPad Docking Station

The Mixon 8 Pro combines a sturdy build featuring metal panels with a sophisticated finish and a redesigned layout for ergonomic workflows. The all-new metallic-touch transport buttons also offer improved haptics and responsiveness. Users of djay Pro can even house an iPhone or iPad Pro (up to 12.9”) into the dedicated docking slot at the top of the unit.

Reloop Mixon 8 Pro

¹ An internet connection and a separate Apple Music, Tidal, Beatport, Beatsource or SoundCloud subscription is required to use this service. Visit for more information.
² Exclusive in djay Pro
³ Requires Serato DJ Pitch 'n' Time expansion pack
Requires Serato Flip expansion pack
⁵ Some performance modes are exclusive to either Serato DJ Pro or Algoriddim djay Pro
⁶ Separate Expansion Pack required
Algoriddim djay Pro 4.1.10 or higher required

Mixon 8 Pro

  • 4-channel multi-platform performance controller for Serato & djay Pro
  • Jogwheel displays & 4 instant FX toggle switches
  • Dual audio interface with USB-C & stand-alone mixing
  • Pitch 14-Bit
  • 4 Deck Control
  • Asio Core
  • Audio Interface
  • USB High Retention
  • DVS Control
  • Software Control
  • Channel Filter
  • Midi Control
  • Hybrid Technology
  • Solid Built
  • Stand Alone
  • 24bit
  • Balanced Out
  • Dual HP Out
  • Multicolor Drum Pads
  • Windows
  • Mac OSX
  • Made for iOS
  • USB-C/B Interface
  • Jogwheel Display
  • LED FX Paddles


  • Brand new jogwheel design with high profile edge and elegant metal surface (149mm)
  • 2 integrated jogwheel displays for realtime track information and virtual stylus position
  • Industry’s first controller with 4 individual FX toggle switches
  • Dedicated sound colour filter (LPF/HPF) on every channel
  • Stand-alone mixer to simultaneously mix digital and analogue input sources via media players and turntables (2 x Phono-In/4 x Line-In)
  • Dual microphone inputs with talkover function for routing into the mixer channels for EQ control
  • Independent signal meters for inputs and outputs
  • Dual USB audio interface for changing seamlessly between two laptops or an iPad (1 x USB-B, 1x USB-C / USB-B switch)
  • Multi-platform support for smooth mixing between different devices and platforms such as MacOS, PC, iOS, or iPadOS
  • The first controller in the industry to support USB-C devices for the new generation of Apple iPads and iPhones (including Power Delivery support)
  • 24-bit audio interface for excellent audio quality with low latency
  • 30 x 30 mm large drum pads with multi-coloured backlit LEDs and touch dynamics
  • 8 colour-coded performance modes (Hot Cue, Loop Roll, Saved Loop, Sampler, Pitch Play³, Saved Flip⁴, Slicer, Scratch Bank, Looper, Neural Mix™, Touch FX)⁵
  • Silent cue for muting the respective deck while the song continues to play in the background (can be reactivated via hot-cue keys at the selected cue point)
  • Plug 'n' Play: Immediate DJing after activating Serato DJ Pro and/or Algoriddim djay Pro
  • Serato exclusive: New Scratch Bank function for immediate access to scratch samples
  • djay Pro exclusive mode: Dedicated Neural Mix FX™ section for isolating vocals, drums or instruments in realtime
  • DVS support: Connecting turntables and controlling digital vinyl⁶
  • Stream and mix millions of tracks immediately with Apple Music², Tidal, SoundCloud, Beatport and Beatsource streaming services¹
  • Ultra-Glide Cross- and Linefader for smooth transitions and fast scratches
  • New extended LOOP section with length LED bar and shift-layer control
  • Slip mode for creative live remixes
  • High resolution 100 mm pitch fader for precise speed settings
  • Time mode buttons to switch between elapsed and remaining time
  • Integrated docking station with space for up to an iPad Pro (12.9'')
  • Completely new metal transport buttons for responsive control
  • New designed buttons and reworked layout for improved haptic and ergonomic workflow
  • Premiere Line: First-class build quality with robust metal panels in a stylish finish
  • Incl. USB cable and external power supply with grounding
  • ¹ An internet connection and a separate Apple Music, Tidal, Beatport, Beatsource or SoundCloud subscription is required to use this service. Visit for more information.
  • ² Exclusive in djay Pro
  • ³ Requires Serato DJ Pitch 'n' Time expansion pack
  • ⁴ Requires Serato Flip expansion pack
  • ⁵ Some performance modes are exclusive to either Serato DJ Pro or Algoriddim djay Pro
  • ⁶ Separate Expansion Pack required

Technical Data

  • In- & outputs: XLR Master-Output, 6.3 mm jack Booth-Output (TRS), RCA Master-Output, 2x RCA-Input (Phono/Line), 2x RCA-Input (Line), 1x Combo-Mic-Input (XLR/jack (TRS)), 1x Mic-Input 6.3 mm jack (TRS), 1x USB-B, 1x USB-C/USB-B, 2x Headphones (6.3 mm/3.5 mm jack)
  • Dimensions: 657(W) x 391(D) x 68(H) mm
  • Dimensions docking station: 320 x 9 mm
  • Weight: 5.7 kg
  • Minimum system requirements: Please refer to the manufacturer's specifications for the system requirements of your DJ software.
  • Incl.: USB cable, external power supply with grounding and instruction manual
  • DJAY®, DJAY PRO®, NEURAL MIX®, and ALGORIDDIM® are registered trademarks of Algoriddim GmbH in the United States and other countries.
    NEURAL MIX is covered by patents in the United States and other countries, which are assigned to algoriddim GmbH and identified at Additional patents pending. Issued patents include without limitation:
    US Patent No. 10,887,033 B1, US Patent No. 11,216,244 B2, US Patent No. 11,347,475 B2, JP Patent No. 6926354 B1 18:13
    "One of the key things is this controller works with both Serato and djay Pro [...]. This smooth implementation of operation between the two is definitely a huge tick."

    "It´s really the only controller that I would recommend for like a full-time DJ if you are serious about Ipad and you´re serious about using Algoriddim djay."

    "Respekt, da haben die Münsteraner ein sowohl stabiles und attraktives wie auch hochfunktionales Tool rausgehauen, das die Bezeichnung Pro wirklich verdient hat. Auf ihre Kosten kommen werden nicht nur Serato-DJ-, sondern vor allem Algoriddm-Djay-Nutzer*innen; letztere Gruppe wird ja mit spezialisierten Highclass-Tools nicht gerade verwöhnt."

    "[…] the generously sized RBG performance pads provide a satisfying high quality touch."

    "I believe it´s their best controller to date."

    "Best high-end controller:
    Reloop Mixon 8 Pro"

    "This is the best DJ controller for Algoriddim’s djay Pro AI out there, period."

    Setup Examples

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