Jockey 3 ME incl. Traktor LE 2

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 Reloop Jockey 3

The consequent development of a DJ controller

Since the release of the successful Digital Jockey series, Reloop is known for digital tradition and development of innovative controllers for demanding DJs. And with our MISSION 3, the Digital Jockey series is being re-defined to the next level.

Full Metal Jockey: Once you hold the Jockey 3 in your hands, you will directly notice the solid metal construction as well as high-quality knobs and encoders, smooth-running faders and backlit rubberized buttons deluxe!

 Traktor Pro 2 and Virtual DJ Screenshot

Advanced control of Traktor PRO 2

First and foremost, this controller is matched perfectly for the advanced control of Native Instruments Traktor PRO and its 4 virtual decks. Nevertheless, the Jockey 3 is also suitable for any other MIDI compatible software, as for example Virtual DJ.

The spacious layout, which is optimized for the most ergonomic workflow of a professional DJ, offers intuitive control for a fast and steady performance without the need to touch a computer.

The deck-control section is fully equipped and gives you access to all advanced functions for spinning digitally with up to 4 virtual decks - suited for semi or professional DJs.

Reloop Jockey 3

High resolution jog wheels, backlit rubber buttons

The newly developed, extremely flat jog wheels with adjustable jog drag and high-resolution of up to 4096 steps per rotation offers one of the highest resolutions on the market. This high-resolution combined with adjustable tension and sensitivity of the jog wheel makes ultra-precise control possible - in every situation.

Tightly affixed control knobs, extremely smooth faders and soft backlit buttons for visual and tactile status feedback built in full size and pro club quality give you highest precision and comfort at the same time. Smooth-touch rubber buttons with a very responsive click-point will let you hit and trigger your tracks as never before.

Despite the spacious layout and large jog wheels, the Jockey 3 is still compact enough for easy transportation in your gig bag to your next performance.

Reloop Jockey 3

Integrated stand alone mixer

Mobile DJs will love the possibility to hook up their analogue equipment directly, as turntables or CD players, to the Jockey 3. Compared to many other solutions on the market, the Jockey 3 offers a true stand alone function - so you can mix and mash up your analogue media even without a computer being connected. Thanks to the additional Master Thru connection a second controller can be routed and even monitored; perfect for DJ team setups.

The Reloop Jockey 3 offers a digital mixer section with an exchangeable, extremely smooth-running premium crossfader, sturdy and precise 70mm linefaders, LED level meter, CUE buttons with cue-mix fader, and a high-quality 3-fold EQ. With metal dip switches - in classic old school mixer style - two MIDI decks or an analogue input can be assigned per channel.

Reloop Jockey 3

Burr Brown AD/DA converters

The USB audio/MIDI interface works with an audio resolution of up to 24 bit/96 kHz in studio quality. The renowned high-end BurrBrown AD/DA converters give you an ultra low latency, first-class sound characteristics, a vast dynamic range, and the necessary punch to rock a club.

The balanced outputs offer powerful sound and can be routed directly to a big PA in a club. Thanks to the ASIO/CORE driver technology for PC and MAC low latency and first-class sound are guaranteed.


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  • 24bit 96kHz
  • 4 Deck Control
  • Asio Core
  • Audio Interface
  • Hi-Speed
  • Software Control
  • Solid Built
  • Stand Alone
  • Windows
  • Mac OSX


  • Flagship Traktor Pro controller with 4-deck switching system incl. Traktor LE 2 software
  • High-end 24 bit/96 kHz audio with BurrBrown AD/DA converters and MIDI interface
  • Master Edition: Analog sources such as turntables or CD players can be mixed without a computer
  • Full Metal Jockey: Metal construction with bulletproof top panel and user replaceable crossfader
  • Altogether 90 freely assignable MIDI controllers (54 buttons, 6 faders, 13 push encoders, 15 control dials, 2 touch-sensitive jog wheels)
  • Perfect control of all Traktor Pro features such as 8 cue points, smart loop-control, advanced effect control or track management
  • Perfect beat synchronization thanks to approved Traktor engine incl. iTunes integration
  • Also usable with every other MIDI software, e.g. Virtual DJ
  • Also Plug''n''Play compatible with Cross DJ 2.0
  • Dual assignment of all elements due to shift layer
  • 4-deck control with trigger switches, classic mixer style
  • MIDI turbo mode updates itself each millisecond for ultra fast transmission and status update
  • High-resolution, slimline jog wheels with vinyl grip and up to 4096 impulses per rotation
  • Jog wheels feature adjustable touch-sensitivity and tension/drag
  • Jog Drag: the jog wheels'' drag can be adjusted according to one''s performance preferences
  • Optimized for Traktor Pro features such as 8 cue points, smart loop control, advanced effect control and track management
  • Control 4 decks in Traktor plus 2 vinyl or CD decks thanks to the classic mixer style input selector switches
  • All faders, control dials and buttons are in full-size club quality
  • Large, backlit, rubberized buttons with smooth-touch surface and optimized click point for fast triggering
  • Can be used with other MIDI software including Virtual DJ

Technical Data

Digital Mixer Section:
  • Stand alone mixing function: two analog phono/line inputs for the connection of turntables or CD players - mixing of media also possible without a computer
  • Each channel can be assigned to either 2 MIDI decks (A/C, B/D) or an analog input via toggle switch
  • Exchangeable premium crossfader with adjustable curve
  • Two Alpha Pro Longlife 70 mm linefaders
  • 3-fold EQ control plus filter function & gain
  • Cue buttons for monitoring and cue mix via 25 mm mini fader
  • VU meter LED for level modulation
  • Power status & MIDI LEDs for monitoring
Player Section:
  • 2 touch-sensitive (adjustable sensitivity), two-piece XXL jog wheels
  • 4 jog modes: vinyl, CDJ, search & FX modulation
  • Large transport section for play, cue, cup and sync
  • Two long, high-resolution 14 bit smooth-glide pitch faders for precise matching
  • Two pitch bend buttons
  • Designated control dials for filter and pan effects
  • Extensive loop & sample section incl. 4 large cue/loop trigger buttons on 2 banks
  • Full effect control with 4 sample XL encoders and buttons for impulsive effect action
Master Section:
  • 1x master control dial
  • Separately adjustable booth output for DJ monitor
  • 1x phones-level control dial
  • Large Trax Encoder for quick, comfortable music library browsing (with 2 lit load buttons)
  • Two analog inputs with phono/line mode switch
  • Adjustable 6.3 mm jack mic input with software/master-routing switching
  • Two headphones connections via 6.3 mm & 3.5 mm jack
  • Two master outputs (symmetrical jack and asymmetrical RCA output)
  • One booth output for DJ monitor
  • Master thru connection for loop-in of a second controller (DJ team) or other source
  • Anti-theft device: Kensington safety slot
  • LED dimming controller for brightness adjustment
  • Shift-lock feature
  • Cue master thru function
  • Flexible input routing: all inputs can either be routed to software or master output
System Requirements PC:
  • Windows XP (most recent SP, 32 bit), Win7 (most recent SP, 32 bit/64 bit)
  • Pentium IV / Intel Core 2, 1.8 GHz (we do NOT recommend AMD processors)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • CD ROM/DVD drive
System Requirements MAC:
  • OS X 10.5 or higher
  • Intel Core Duo family (only Intel Macs), 1.66 GHz
  • 2 GB MB RAM
  • CD ROM/DVD drive
  • Dimensions: 420 x 42 x 300 mm (w/h/d)
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Incl. over 1 GB exclusive Jockey 3 sample pack with royalty-free loops, beats, FX and mixing tools (powered by Loop Masters)
  • Incl. Native Instruments Traktor LE DJ software (Traktor ready certified), low latency ASIO/CORE drivers for PC & MAC, mains adapter and USB cord
Reloop hat es mit dem Jockey 3 Master Edition wieder geschafft, eine neue Qualitätsstufe zu erreichen. Die Haptik und Klangqualität des Geräts überzeugen und die eigenständige Nutzbarkeit der Mischpultsektion erlaubt ein breites Einsatzfeld. Mobilen DJs und ambitionierten Hobbyanwendern können wir dieses Gerät bedenkenlos empfehlen.

Mit dem Reloop Jockey 3 spielt der Equipmenthersteller Reloop erstmals in der Premiumliga unter den Controller Herstellern. So wurde dem Jockey 3 ein hochwertiges Audio-Interface mit Burr-Brown AD/DA-Wandler spendiert und die Bedienelemente grundlegend überarbeitet. Das daraus resultierende Gewicht sei dem Jockey 3 verziehen, schließlich ist das Gehäuse eines der hochwertigsten Konstruktionen auf dem Markt.

Reloop has really been getting their act together in the controller department and has quietly been putting out better controllers each year. With their newest device (the Jockey 3), Reloop has produced a really solid two deck controller that will give the new VCI-100 MkII some quality competition.

This is an important controller because it is the first to map all of Traktor Pro 2's functions effectively apart from, of course, the Kontrol S4. While it doesn't have four separate channels that can be controlled simultaneously, actually if you are attracted to Traktor Pro 2 and the S4 because of the sample decks, that is not a big issue, as this controller maps the sample decks well to its myriad buttons and knobs and so offers an attractive workflow without four separate mixer channels.

The Jockey 3 is a great controller for those of you who are pure mixers. You set cues, loops, tweak your eq and effects, and probably mix fader up and down. Track navigation couldn't be easier and the layout is very logical. It also allows for customization within your software of choice and it is definitely portable and road worthy.
De Reloop Jockey 3 Master Edition is kortom een geweldige controller voor iemand die nog geen Native Instruments S4 wil kopen maar toch de nieuwe voordelen van de Traktor 2 software wil benutten. Jammer genoeg is hij wel geleverd met Traktor LE en is er een upgrade nodig om alle functies van deze controller in combimatie met NI Traktor 2 te kunnen benutten. Voor de prijs van de Jockey 3 krijg je een enorm goede controller waarmee je vele uren plezier kan en zal beleven. En indien je geen mapping voor je software kunt vinden, kun je de Jockey 3 ook nog altijd zelf midimappen!