TCHDWN is the alias of Barcelona-based Aurelien Courriol and is a project that sees him bring a fresh and contemporary electronic twist to a timeless Hause music template. lt was launched during the pandemic and has quickly gained momentum with an ever-increasing fan base and plenty of support from high-profile DJs as well as notable radio and media outlets. He has dropped exciting new tunes an standout labels like Nervous Records, Don Diablo's Hexagon, lnsomniac, Confession and many more.

As a DJ who was once a vice world DMC champion under a different alias, the French-born talent brings next-level technical skills to his sets. Ta see him play, cutting up beats, layering in tracks and performing mesmerising routines always leave fans in awe and desperate for more. Now he is working an a debut live show that will take things to higher heights in terms of music and showmanship so prepare tobe wowed whenever TCHDWN pulls into town.

TCHDWN uses:

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