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Sven Wittekind is one of the most popular German Techno DJs and by now inherent part of the creative Techno scene. With his steady high-quality productions and outstanding gigs he was able to play on all big stages and in the best European clubs.

In 1999, at the beginning of his carrer, Sven offered his first tracks online as free downloads until in 2002 the label Overdrive signed and released his first record “Braindead”. To this day this tune is one of the best sold records from Overdrive.

Since then he has been releasing records on different international labels. His productions stand for high quality and originality.

His first label, Inflicted, which was founded in 2004, quickly also became one of the scene's top labels, offering a platform to many producers from all over the world.

Inflicted, his first releases and DJ sets significantly helped to create a sound which emerged in clubs at the turn of the millenium. A generation of new DJs, events and, most notably, also new fans accompanied the development of Hardtechno.

Sven always stood for his own sound while consistently developing it. The music is a snap-shot of his life. Over the years Sven and his sound became a unique combination of groovy Techno and rough industrial sound which he personifies today.

In 2009 he closed Inflicted while at the same time starting his new label SICKWEIRDROUGH which henceforth became the focus of his doings. Besides his activities as producer he is of course also keen on performing his music live. With approximately 100 gigs per year he travels all around the world, visiting many countries in order to excessively party through the night along with his followers. His big interest in technology is proof for his fans that he is a true and real music-lover. A phenomenal #3 as “Best DJ National” in the 2008 “Raveline Poll” is evidence enough.

Currently Sven is working on a collaboration album with Gayle San, his podcast SICKWEIRDROUGH as well as a solo album which is scheduled to be released next year. Standstill means regression; this philosophy and having a ball with his work is what keeps Sven going.

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