RHP-30 black

This Product is discontinued.


premium headphone

Reloop’s premium headphones offer an outstandingly powerful sound performance in an incredibly sturdy and stylish housing. Thanks to their sophisticated construction, which is optimized for DJs and the demanding environments they find themselves in, the RHP-30 headphones can be both stylish and reliable. The minimalist design features high-quality components and thanks to the high output, along with the transparent and bass-driven sound characteristics, the RHP-30 allows user to enjoy smooth mixing, clean productions and complete listening pleasure.


Sound Spectrum

Reloop have devoted special attention to the RHP-30's drivers, which cleanly separate frequencies and deliver a complete, balanced and powerful sound - perfect for loud club surroundings. The transparent resolution in the high-frequency range caters for dynamics and enables accurate, transparent and encompassing sound reproduction of the whole sound spectrum. That is why the RHP-30 headphones can also hold their own when it comes to studio and home use applications.


Flat Comfort

The RHP-30 headphones are extremely sturdy and designed with longevity in mind; they can easily endure the most unfavorable wind, weather and club conditions. However, despite this solid construction, they’re not heavy on the head and can easily deliver hours of listening comfort.


3 High-End Cables included

Three different cable types are included for different applications. The helix cable is intended for DJ sessions, while the plain cable with its Smartphone control unit is perfect for use while traveling, and HiFi fans will love the flat cable.

Reloop RHP-30: Executive DJ headphones for next level DJing.


  • Professional DJ headphones, closed retractable construction
  • Powerful sound and clear frequency separation, optimized for DJs
  • Comfortable memory-foam ear cup padding with fine protein-leather surface
  • Accented with rubber-paint finish
  • Ultra durable head band crafted with high-quality hard rubber
  • Extremely high output rating
  • Transparent resolution in the high-frequency range
  • Flat comfort construction
  • Smartphone control
  • Three different cable types (helix cable, plain cable, flat cable)

Technical Data

  • Frequency range: 10 Hz - 24 kHz
  • Max. input power: 1000 mW
  • Impedance: 40 ohms +/-15% (@ 1 kHz, 1 mW)
  • Acoustic pressure: 102 dB +/-3 dB (@ 1 mW)
  • Driver unit: 40 mm
  • Speaker power: 1 mW
  • Connections: 3.5 mm jack / 6.3 mm adaptor (gold-plated)
  • Weight: 355 g
  • 1.2 m (plain cable incl. Smartphone control unit)
  • 1.2 m (flat cable)
  • 3.0 m (helix cable)
  • Directivity: omni-directional
  • Frequency range: 50 Hz - 16 kHz
  • Impedance: 8.2k ohms
  • Sensitivity: -62 dB +/-3 dB (@ 1 kHz)
  • S/N ratio: -58 dB
Reloop RHP-30 ist ein DJ-Kopfhörer, der sowohl klanglich als auch durch seine hochwertige, robuste Bauweise und seinen hohen Tragekomfort überzeugen kann. Für ihn sprechen ferner seine gute Abschirmung vor Außengeräuschen und der stattliche Schalldruck, wobei die beiden Treiber ein allgemein lautes und auch bei hohem Pegel verzerrungsfreies Signal erzeugen und der Sound erfreulich satt und druckvoll rüberkommt.