Pascal Feos

If you can call somebody a “global player”, then him! Since more than 25 years Pascal FEOS is playing the very special and individual style of his music in the most famous clubs from Tokyo to Ibiza. He produces tracks - played worldwide by the most well-known DJs – which are released on his own labels (levelNONzero, for example). Besides Pascal FEOS is remixing for other celebrities of this business and furthermore he prosecutes an own booking-agency – feosBooking.


There are not many originals like Pascal FEOS. You have to search intensively to find one like him - one of those who started earlier and is longer in the game than most of the others. Pascal FEOS is what magazines like to call a „true original“: he is part of the old-school, of those, who learned their skills from scratch. You can feel immediately that this „old-school“ consciousness is living in every inch of his body. No matter if you are getting to know him as a DJ behind a set of turntables or if you hear one of his many productions - the impact, that Pascal FEOS has on others, is truly original.

Pascal Feos uses:

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