DJ Vekked

Vekked is a 6-time World Champion DJ and producer who first stepped onto the international DJ scene in 2012 when he won DMC World Supremacy and began a tear through world DJ competitions unlike any DJ this past decade. He culminated his competition run with a unanimous victory in the 2015 DMC Online World Championship, as well as the DMC World DJ Championship to become the first DJ ever to win both major titles in the same year.

His winning routine featured some of his original production and has amassed over 4 million views on YouTube and Facebook, making it the most viewed DJ performance of the past 5 years, and one of the most viewed of all time. It has him a spot on the front page of Reddit, coverage from numerous mainstream news outlets, and critical acclaim from various celebrities and superstar DJs.

2016 saw Vekked’s foray into the music festival scene headlining numerous festivals across North America including Shambhala, Under Pressure, Connect, Stress Free Festival, Northern Vibes Festival, and others. In addition to playing festivals, he headlined a successful cross Canada tour hitting clubs in every major Canadian city from coast to coast.

Since then Vekked has taken his skills to television and is currently producing music for a brand new cartoon to debut on the major Canadian network YTV in the summer of 2017 (name TBA when promotion starts), and preparing for a run of shows in Central America as well as another summer tour.

DJ Vekked about the SPIN:

The Reloop SPIN feels nicer to scratch on than any equipment I had in my first few years of DJing, I wish it existed when I was starting out. I highly recommended it for anyone looking to get into scratching, or those just looking for something to practice on the road. I love the built-in USB key recording for shooting outdoors without having to bring a laptop and soundcard.

DJ Vekked about the RP-8000 Straight:

The Reloop RP-8000 straights are currently my favourite turntable on the market. They cover all of the basics features with great customization options, and enable some unique opportunities with the midi capabilities. The build quality is solid and the metal start/stop button is essential (I have a habit of breaking them on other turntables). Last but not least, they aren't too heavy so they won't break your back to carry them to gigs.

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