Super SPiN Duck Looper app: Practice your scratches and cuts.

We're offering an exclusive deal to our customers that own a SPIN. With any purchased SPIN, DJ Babu and the Beat Junkies Institute of Sound adds a free copy of their Super SPiN Duck Looper app, which can be streamed via Bluetooth to your SPIN as a backing beat while scratching and cutting.

The official training tool of the Beat Junkies Institute of Sound features some fresh beats - use this tool to train and master your techniques.

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Download the app here:

DJ Babu (Beat Junkies)
"In celebration of the new Reloop SPIN Portable Turntable, DJ Babu of The Beat Junkies and Reloop present “The Super SPiN Duck Looper”! This free app features highlights from DJ Babu’s critically acclaimed “Super Duper Duck Looper” plus 2 new exclusive beats! Use this Looper to stream beats via Bluetooth to your Reloop SPIN and enjoy hours of cutting and scratching!"