Spin! 2

This Product is discontinued.

With Spin! 2 Reloop presents the evolution of its digital vinyl system. Spin! 2 is Reloop's basic package for sophisticated and comfortable next-generation timecode deejaying. Sensationally beautiful and simply functional are the attributes of the newly developed Spin! 2 interface: Inside the compact, high-quality chassis with rubber paint finish you can find a 4x4 sound card with USB 2.0 that is convincing due to its extremely low latency. Beneath the cover panel made of noble acrylic the LEDs for the input and output signals are shining. Besides switchable inputs for line sources and a turntable the Spin! 2 interface comes with a microphone combination-socket with phantom power for studio condenser microphones. A direct connection can be activated for latency-free monitoring. Thanks to the proper thru outputs it is possible to quickly switch between timecode and real vinyl. The Spin! 2 software is also a milestone in the field of digital vinyl emulation: Many basic functions like Master Tempo, Speed Mode, Beat Loop, Track Selection, Quick Search and the Beat Match View have been fundamentally upgraded. At first glance the visual surface shows that you are dealing with a totally renewed system: Spin! 2 is able to display album covers and it offers an individual workspace design, looking as hot as it sounds with the black Spin! 2 skin. Due to the four-four time display and the tone pitch adjustment, perfect and harmonic mixing become as easy as never before. The new Spin! Juggle function means explosive turntablism - it loads and synchronizes the track on the opposite deck at the push of a button. Spin! 2's Free MIDI Learning facilitates perfect teamwork with any hardware controller. Spin! 2 is the new all-in-one system for the introduction to professional timecode deejaying. The unique new interface and its well-engineered software make Reloop Spin! 2 already a classic among digital vinyl systems.


  • Professioneal digital vinyl system

  • Full-blown, newly developed professional USB timecode interface (4x4 sound card)
  • New: Rubber paint finish and brushed aluminium cover panel
  • New: Phono/line inputs (RCA)
  • New: Grounding screws and phono pre-amp for the connection of a turntable
  • New: Thru outputs for looping-in the vinyl signal (RCA)
  • High-speed USB 2.0 data transfer
  • ASIO drivers for extremely low latency
  • Signal LEDs for inputs and outputs
  • 2 high-quality black RCA cords
  • 1 black USB cord
  • Mains adapter
  • Dimensions: 180 x 84 x 130 mm
  • Weight: 0.70 kg

Technical Data

  • Revised software with new features
  • New: Extensive software flow improvement, among other things for Master Tempo, Speed Mode, Beat Loop, Track Selection, Quick Search and Beat Match View
  • New: Newly improved system stability
  • New: Album artwork display with zoom function
  • New: Black Spin! 2 skin
  • New: Optimized performance skin with maximized Spin! library
  • New: Free MIDI Learning allows the use of external hardware controllers
  • New: Spin! Juggle loads and synchronizes the opposite deck's track for beat juggling at the push of a button
  • New: Beat bar display counts the four-four time in the improved Beat Match View for a balanced complete-mix
  • New: Key mode tone pitch adjustment for harmonic mixing
  • 3 selectable playback modes (Classic Spin, Advanced Spin, Jog Spin)
  • 3 master effects: Flanger, Delay, Filter
  • Supported audio formats: WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG Vorbis, Audio CD
  • Spin! library and Spin! list organizer
  • Vinyl sound engine for authentic scratching and warm sound
  • Auto gain and compressor/limiter for outstanding sound characteristics
  • Scratch and needle-drop function for authentic turntablism
  • Master Tempo, BPM counter, graphic beat offset display and beat match assistant for comfortable mixing
  • 3 wave form analyzers (Complete View, Zoom View, Beat Match View) and vinyl label monitor
  • 6 marks for scratch, beat juggle and cue points per track
  • Seamless beat looping for creative remixing
  • Manual looping with reloop function

Control media:

    • 2 black high resolution timecode records with track selection groove
    • 2 black high resolution advanced timecode CDs