This Product is discontinued.

Reloop SMP-1 USB

Innovative double SD card player

New and innovative technology made by Reloop. With the SMP-1, Reloop presents a double SD card player that renders the annoying transport of countless CDs and records unnecessary. The handy control unit is reminiscent of classic double CD players. The handling is also similar to these devices. MP3 files can be saved to SD cards and then played, mixed or looped with the SMP-1. The two integrated SD card slots can be flexibly assigned to each side.

Reloop SMP-1 USB

USB compatibility

Furthermore the SMP-1 USB possesses a USB port which facilitates a connection of USB media storage devices such as USB sticks or external hard drives in order to play MP3 files.

Reloop SMP-1 USB

Large and bright displays

The large VFD displays with its red illumination and all the important display functions cater for the ideal perspective in the club.

Reloop SMP-1 USB

Extensive functions

Due to the automatic and manual beatcounters, frame search, fader start play, ID-3 TAG display and track listing as well as the large jog dials for that extra comfortable handling, there is nothing that the future-oriented DJ could wish for.

  • HD Flash Control
  • Hi-Speed
  • SD HC Support


  • MP3 compatible double SD card player
  • Handy control unit with 2 SD card slots
  • USB port for connection of USB media storage devices
  • Both SD card slots can be assigned flexibly to each side
  • Two separate stereo audio outputs
  • Seemless loop with reloop function
  • Large VFD displays for all important functions with bright red illumination
  • Pitch range +/-4%, 8%, 16%
  • Pitch bend +/-4%, 8%, 16%
  • Automatic and manual beatcounter
  • Master tempo
  • ID-3 TAG display
  • MP3 track listing
  • Search/scan via large jog dial
  • Folder search
  • Frame search
  • Instant-start technology
  • Elapsed/remain time display
  • Single/continue play
  • Relay play
  • Random play

Technical Data

  • SD Card: max. 32 GB
  • USB stick/HDD: max. 500 GB
  • USB-HDD without mains adapter: max. 160 GB
  • Dimensions: 482 x 88.8 x 94 mm
  • Weight: 1.8 kg