This Product is discontinued.

The RPX speaker series is the prime solution for professional sound needs. Starting with the Duraflex-protected chassis made of high-density MDF wood to the Kapton spool of the woofer, everything about this model stands for high-level performance. The entire RPX series with two tweeters / woofers and subwoofer offers perfect sound characteristics for any location.


  • Outstanding powerful sound characteristics
  • High-quality components
  • Extremely high performance reserves
  • Woofer with Kapton spool (spool made of polyamid-coated copper wire, APS Ferrit magnet)
  • Highly efficient bass reflex system
  • Chassis made of high-density MDF with durable DuraFlex coating
  • Embedded flange for tripods
  • Protective metal angles
  • Large carrying shells made of metal
  • Solid front grill
  • Connections: PA pro speaker cables and terminal screws

Technical Data

  • 250 watt RMS PRO PA speakers
  • Max. performance: 500 watt
  • Type: 2-way system
  • Frequency range: 60 Hz - 18 kHz
  • Acoustic pressure: 105 dB
  • Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Speaker: 38-cm woofer, mid-range and tweeter
  • Dimensions: 524 x 730 x 338 mm
  • Weight: 32 kg