RMX-40 DSP Ltd.

This Product is discontinued.

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RMX-40 DSP Ltd.

Exclusive 4 + 1 channel PRO DSP club mixer

With the RMX-40 DSP Ltd., Reloop presents the exclusive design variant of the German DJ products manufacturer's most successful 4 channel professional mixer. The limited edition of the RMX-40 has been equipped with a completely white interfacce: cover plate, potentiometers and fader caps all glisten in 2009's interior-decoration colour. With this, Reloop has built a bridge between a high-quality device for professional DJs and a lifestyle object.

RMX-40 DSP Ltd.

New object of desire

Although the mixer is already really well-structured its colour alone increases its functionality as the LED and effect displays are in contrast to the white colouring, making them even more identifiable. The Reloop RMX-40 DSP Ltd. - the new object of desire for hip lounges, sophisticated club venues and DJ living rooms with style.


  • 4+1 channel PRO DSP club mixer
  • Freely assignable DSP effect unit (Pan, Trans, Delay, Echo, Flanger, Filter, Phase, Pitch Shifter) with time and level parameters
  • Manual beat assignment for effects
  • Automatic beatcounter for all channels (double 3-digit display)
  • Excellent sound characteristics due to Premium Sound Architecture (PSA)
  • Freely assignable Long Life TCT crossfader (45 mm) with adjustable curve
  • Crossfader start play
  • Long Life linefaders (60 mm) with adjustable curve, reversible
  • Kill unit for both crossfader channels, with flash function (up tp -40 dB)
  • Effect send/return for all channels
  • Extra LED for cue signal per channel
  • 3-band equalizer for channels 1 - 4 and mic 2
  • 3-band equalizer and talkover for mic 1
  • 1-band equalizer and mono/stereo switch for headphones
  • Master output mono compatible, with balance
  • Symmetrical (XLR) as well as asymmetrical (RCA) outputs

Technical Data

  • Inputs: 4x phono, 4(+4)x line, 1x return, 2x mic
  • Outputs: 2x master, 1x send, 1x rec.
  • EQ range: +12/-26 dB
  • Dimensions: 320 x 357 x 87 mm
  • Weight: 5.6 kg
Bei einem auf die Mitbewerbersituation kann man Reloop erneut zu einem gelungenen Produkt gratulieren. Der RMX-40 hat einen vergleichbaren Funktionsumfang wie seine Mitstreiter – und das zu einem extrem günstigen Preis. Wenn Sie aktuell auf der Suche nach einem soliden Vierkanalmixer sind, können Sie dieses Gerät bedenkenlos auf Ihre Einkaufsliste setzen.