Jockey 3 Remix

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Jockey3 Remix

Reloop Jockey 3 Remix: The Next Level Controller 2.0

The new edition of the award-winning Jockey 3 ME: Jockey 3 Remix. As the name already suggests, this controller aims at advanced Traktor PRO users who want to elevate their mix to the next level: Live sampling, remixing and spectacular effect manipulation. All of the Jockey 3 ME's popular features, such as the high-quality manufacturing, 24 bit BurrBrown interface, high-resoultion jog wheels or stand alone mixing function, have been kept.

Jockey 3 Remix

Tri-Colour LED illumination

Besides the new minimal layout and the new performance section with intelligent tri-colour LED illumination, a completely new control concept has been realized here, which disposes of 3 different mighty modes.

Jockey 3 Remix

Track Deck Mode

In this mode you have total control over all important deck features like playback, cue/loop or effect control. And with the new dedicated beatjump buttons you can jump to an appropriate beat faster than ever before.

Jockey 3 Remix

Sample Mode

In Sample Mode (blue illumination) it is possible to access all a sample deck's important parameters without having to switch the deck. This way you can quickly record, load or trigger samples. In the sample deck samples can be scratched, filtered and modulated. Moreover, you will always have a lock on volume control thanks to the sample.

Jockey 3 Remix

Remix Mode

The Remix Mode (green illumination) is basically the playgound for creative mixers and will give pleasure to all effect lovers. The Jockey 3 Remix is the first controller on the market that can combine powerful effect combos with the push of a button, allowing for modulation via jog wheel, pitchfaders or linefaders. Dramatic build-ups in a track can be realized in no time. The independent Roll & Mash modes that can be used to either chop up a track or re-trigger it on-the-fly, are also brand-new.


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  • 24bit 96kHz
  • 4 Deck Control
  • Asio Core
  • Audio Interface
  • Hi-Speed
  • Software Control
  • Solid Built
  • Stand Alone
  • Windows
  • Mac OSX


  • Flagship Traktor Pro controller with 4-deck switching system
  • New powerful live controls for sample mode and remix mode
  • New sample mode: Direct access to sample slots including filters (blue mode)
  • New dedicated sample volume control on all layers
  • New remix mode: Unique effect mode for controlling multiple effect combos at the same time (green mode)
  • FX presets will be loaded instantly at the touch of a Remix control
  • Add FX combos at any time in a track for a dramatic build-up with impact
  • New mash mode: Set a temporary cue point on-the-fly and trigger cue pads 1-4 to jump within the beats
  • New roll mode: Trigger drum rolls with the cue pad
  • New beat jump section for instant beat quantisation
  • New fader-start feature
  • New intelligent kill function on the EQ
  • New bi-colour LED cue pad section for indication of active mode
  • High-end 24 bit/96 kHz audio with BurrBrown AD/DA converters and MIDI interface
  • Stand alone mixer: Analogue sources such as turntables or CD players can be mixed without a computer
  • Full Metal Jockey: Metal construction with bulletproof top panel and user replaceable crossfader
  • Altogether 90 freely assignable MIDI controllers (54 buttons, 6 faders, 13 push encoders, 15 control dials, 2 touch-sensitive jog wheels)
  • Perfect control of all advanced Traktor Pro features
  • Perfect beat synchronization thanks to approved Traktor engine incl. iTunes integration
  • Dual assignment of all elements due to shift layer
  • 4-deck control with trigger switches, classic mixer style
  • MIDI turbo mode updates itself each millisecond for ultra fast transmission and status update
  • High-resolution, slimline jog wheels with vinyl grip and up to 4096 impulses per rotation
  • Jog wheels feature adjustable touch sensitivity and tension/drag
  • Jog drag: The jog wheel's drag can be adjusted according to one's performance preferences
  • Control 4 decks in Traktor plus 2 vinyl or CD decks thanks to the classic mixer style input selector switches
  • All faders, knobs and buttons are in full-size club quality
  • Large, backlit, rubberized buttons with smooth-touch surface and optimized click point for fast triggering
  • Also ready for every other MIDI software, e.g. Virtual DJ
  • Bundled plug'n'play with Traktor LE 2 DJ software

Technical Data

Digital mixer section:
  • Stand alone mixing function: Two analogue phono/line inputs for the connection of turntables or CD players - mixing of media also possible without a computer
  • Each channel can be assigned to either 2 MIDI decks (A/C, B/D) or an analogue input via toggle switch
  • Exchangeable premium crossfader with adjustable curve
  • Two Alpha Pro Longlife 70 mm linefaders
  • 3-fold EQ control plus filter function & gain
  • Cue buttons for monitoring and cue mix via 25 mm mini fader
  • VU meter LED for level modulation
  • Power status & MIDI LEDs for monitoring
Player section:
  • 2 touch-sensitive (adjustable sensitivity), two-piece XXL jog wheels
  • 4 jog modes: Vinyl, CDJ, search & FX modulation
  • Large transport section for play, cue, cup and sync
  • Two long, high-resolution 14 bit smooth-glide pitch faders for precise matching
  • Two pitch bend buttons
  • Designated control dials for filter and pan effects
  • Extensive loop & sample section incl. 4 large cue/loop trigger buttons on 2 banks
  • Full effect control with 4 sample XL encoders and buttons for impulsive effect action
Master section:
  • 1x master control dial
  • Separately adjustable booth output for DJ monitor
  • 1x phones-level control dial
  • Large Trax encoder for quick, comfortable music library browsing (with 2 lit load buttons)
  • Two analogue inputs with phono/line mode switch
  • Adjustable 6.3 mm jack mic input with software/master-routing switching
  • Two headphones connections via 6.3 mm & 3.5 mm jack
  • Two master outputs (symmetrical jack and asymmetrical RCA output)
  • One booth output for DJ monitor
  • Master thru connection for loop-in of a second controller (DJ team) or other source
  • Anti-theft device: Kensington safety slot
  • LED dimming controller for brightness adjustment
  • Shift-lock feature
  • Cue master thru function
  • Flexible input routing: All inputs can either be routed to software or master output
System requirements PC:
  • Windows 7 (latest SP, 32-/64-bit)
  • 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo 2 oder AMD Athlon 64 X2
  • 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
System requirements Mac:
  • Starting from Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7
  • Intel Core Duo 2
  • 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • CD-ROM/DVD drive
  • Dimensions: 420 x 61.55 x 315 mm
  • Weight: 5.0 kg
Overall, if you’re looking for a solid, dependable, professional, versatile controller that can handle external decks, work as a standalone mixer, exploit most of the power of Traktor, and have enough up its sleeve to keep you happy if and when you want to start introducing some “live remixing” into your sets, you should have the Jockey 3 Remix on your list.
Having quick access to control the Traktor remix deck parameters in sample mode is fantastic. The one rotary knob control of multiple effects is a really great feature and the EQ kill was also very entertaining.


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