This Product is discontinued.

The Reloop iPhono makes filing your dusty vinyl classics for eternity seem like a cakewalk. This USB audio interface allows the connection of any current turntable to the computer - whether PC or Mac does not matter. Finally old vinyl rarities can be recorded digitally with CD quality. It goes without saying that any other audio source, like for example a tape deck or an MD player, can be connected to the iPhono. Why not connect a mixer to the iPhono and record whole DJ sets on the computer? The lot can be loaded to the internet as MP3 file for others or burned to a CD - the possibilities are manifold. In order to control and optimise the input signal, a further signal control LED and a low cut filter function are at ones disposal. And at the same time it serves as an external sound card with a large volume knob and high-quality 16 bit/48 kHz resolution, while still leaving space for headphones and a hifi system or active monitor speakers. The purchased parts package includes an apposite USB cord and of course also a software for direct recording and editing of the compositions.


  • USB-phono/line interface
  • Ceramic white finish
  • 16 bit A/D converter
  • Low cut filter
  • Plug&Play system for Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS.X, no further drivers necessary
  • Headphones output
  • Gain control
  • Output level LED

Technical Data

  • Inputs: 1x phono/line
  • Outputs: 1x USB, 1x RCA, 1x headphones (3,5 mm jack)
  • Dimensions: 130 x 49 x 115 mm
  • Weight: 0.57 kg
  • Incl. USB cord and software