Groove Set 12

This Product is discontinued.

The Reloop Groove Set 12 is a compact PA system that consists of a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. Despite the system's small size, this new PA set is capable of delivering a powerful and clear sound performance. The 12'' subwoofer delivers precise low frequencies while the satellite speakers’ four 4” drivers boast a detailed mid-range and crisp highs. These special sound characteristics are possible thanks to the subwoofer's 2000 W (max. power) built-in Class-D amplifier. Thanks to its compact size, the Groove Set 12 is really well suited for mobile use, but its reliable, powerful and professional sound performance also means it can be considered for permanent installations.


  • Set consists of:
  • 1x Subwoofer
  • 2x Satellites
  • 2x PA Speaker Cable (5 m)
  • 1x Mains Cable

Technical Data

"Portable but providing a solid, reliable sound, both the Groove Set 10 and 12 systems offer a clear high/mid-range while their subwoofers ensure precise low-frequency, making them the ideal systems for use by mobile DJs working function rooms, marquees, bars and other venues."