New Videos: Reloop Ready Tutorial Series

New Videos: Reloop Ready Tutorial Series

As lightweight as it is powerful, as compact as it is versatile - the Reloop Ready balances first-rate functionality in a practical design for DJs to perform at their highest level whilst maximizing portability and minimizing space.

Reloop Ready - Portable Performance Controller for Serato

Perfect for travelling

In this video we explain why the Ready is your perfect travel companion. Being small and light weight, it fits into any common backpack. The fully USB-powered Ready also sits flush on top of your 13-inch Macbook, minimising its footprint and making it the perfect controller to take on the road.

How to use internal speakers

In this video we explain how to use your Ready with your laptop’s internal speakers. With the right settings, you can play the sound through your connected laptop.

How to custom-map ‘Add to Prep‘

In this video we explain how you can custom-map ‘Add to Prep’* to your Ready. If you want to custom-midi-map you have to set up some preferences, which are shown in this video.
(Please note that Serato DJ Pro is required to custom-map your controller.)

How to adjust the pitch range

In this video we explain how you adjust the pitch range of your Ready. This feature offers you more opportunities for creative mixes and is accessible for Serato DJ Lite, as well as for Serato Dj Pro.

djay Pro AI compatible

In this video we explain how you use Algoriddim djay with your Ready. You have to set the right preferences if you want to use djay with your Ready controller. Just follow these easy steps and the link “Further Details” below, for more information and the complete djay setup guide.
(Please note that Algoriddim djay pro is required.)

Reloop Ready

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