New Videos: Learn how to scratch with DJ Angelo

New Videos: Learn how to scratch with DJ Angelo

Get ready to join the ever-growing Portablism community and work towards becoming a portable scratch master. We’ve teamed up with one of the best in the game, DJ Angelo to breakdown some of the most important techniques in the art of turntablism to get your scratching like a pro on your Reloop SPIN in no time.


DJ Angelo explains some important fundamentals behind the nature of vinyl and turntables. He also shares some of his personal tips to prepare yourself and your SPIN unit for the best performance possible.

Baby Scratch

Every art form has its foundations and in this introductory tutorial, DJ Angelo breaks down the classic BABY SCRATCH - a 2-note open fader technique which is an essential building block for all scratch techniques that follow it.

Drop / Release

DJ Angelo breaks down the DROP technique, otherwise knows as a RELEASE which demands precision handling of your vinyl record and is a technique equally as important to the Baby Scratch for laying down the foundations to learn further scratches.

Cut / Chop

Building on the DROP technique and bringing the crossfader into the equation, DJ Angelo breaks down the CUT technique, otherwise known as a CHOP. It introduces the concept of being able to switch the vinyl sound on and off and is an important technique for developing coordination between your record hand and your fader hand.


Since introducing the crossfader in the previous CUT tutorial, DJ Angelo breaks down how to perform a STAB scratch which is a percussive technique demanding a more aggressive approach to handing the vinyl and crossfader.


Considered one of the most versatile and useful techniques, DJ Angelo explains how to execute the TRANSFORMER scratch and the various ways it can be applied to your repertoire for performing musical and rhythmic patterns.


In this tutorial, DJ Angelo teaches you how to perform the CHIRP scratch which is the first technique in the series that requires the crossfader to be operated from the open position instead of the closed position whilst handling the vinyl.

Reloop SPIN

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