New Video: SPIN - Around the World Vol IV

New Video: SPIN - Around the World Vol IV

Around the World Vol IV

Four portable turntables, four DJs, one beat. Our 'SPIN around the World' series enters the next round. Some of the world's most talented portablists are showcasing their skills on the Reloop SPIN in unconventional sceneries, where usually performances wouldn't be expected at all.

All DJs in this video performed with the "All Around The World" beat of the 'Disc Jock' scratch record by DJ Woody on Woodwurk Records. They customized their SPINS with third-party crossfaders from either Jesse Dean or Audio Innovate.

The Bluetooth Audio Streaming technology allows wireless streaming of music or beats to SPIN – this way the turntable becomes a speaker for your smartphone. Via the USB recording function, it is possible to record your scratches and cuts in MP3 format directly to a USB stick. This interface can also be used for digitizing records.

  • Portable turntable for vinyl lovers & scratch artists
  • Bluetooth streaming, versatile connection possibilities and optional battery operation
  • Comes with 7'' scratch vinyl, 45-mm crossfader, cartridge and integrated speaker
  • Mobile fun with your turntable, anywhere you go
  • Outstanding for mobile scratching and cutting

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@DJ Woody / Woodwurk Records / UK
Woodwurk Records

“The SPIN has everything you need to start cutting up on the move and what’s really great is that this turntable is built to accommodate both left and right handed scratchers.”
@DJ Fong Fong / France
DMC Online World Champion

“SPIN is the ultimate tools to share the scratch experience everywhere with everyone. I know that a portable turntable for outdoor but I love to use SPIN with my friends at home”
@DJ ANGELO / UK/Germany
DMC World Team Champion

“The Reloop SPIN is the most accessible and practical solution for portable scratching ever. Endless portablism fun for beginners and pros!”
Marvel / Greece
IDA Greece Champion

“The best portable ever.”