Mixtape Monday - Winner September 2022

Mixtape Monday - Winner September 2022


"Nyboe has played around Denmark for the last almost 20 years and is known for his unique style and blend, which primarily revolves around banging (and some times slower) hip hop - but also revolves around breakbeats, triphop, 90s R&B, (neo) soul and other genres - and certainly introduces you to some new music you have never heard before but will definitely love! He uses either Serato vinyls or actual vinyl - never anything else.

He specializes especially in Danish rap, instrumental / lo-fi hip hop and subject-specific mixes, such as his legendary graffiti sets, where all songs are about graffiti or are beats where the sound of spray cans is used - preferably spiced with some classic quotes.

His preference is to play hiphop-jams, but he can also do anything from open air chill outs to cafés, nightclubs and straight 30 min shows with tons of records mashed together.

Nyboe is also responsible for the vinyl department and pressing of vinyls for the record store and label Run For Cover and used to have his own hiphop-label for 10 years from 2006-2016."

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