Mixtape Monday - Winner October 2021

Mixtape Monday - Winner October 2021


"Fun fact: I am not a professional DJ. Instead, I'm a music lover, but above all I'm passionate about electronic music in all its forms, I don't shy away from any of them.

When I was 11 or 12 years old I bought a famous record here in Spain: Max Mix 3, which was the explosion of the megamix genre. I wanted to do the same as those people had done! But I had to wait many, many years to be able to fulfil that dream. At the age of 41 (I'm 47 now) I bought a Reloop Beatpad 2, installed a DJ software and let all my passion flow through its buttons, knobs and jog wheels.

Since then, I've played at several private parties, and I record for myself and my friends the "Bedroom Sessions", from which this "Breaks Set" comes. Hey, that's not a problem: I leave the assault on the clubs to the new generations."


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