Mixtape Monday - Winner June 2020

Mixtape Monday - Winner June 2020

The Beat-Pimp

"I'm from the northeast and live in Sunderland. I've been djing a number of years, mainly breakbeat, funky breaks, glitch hop and just about everything in between.

I go by the name of 'The Beat-Pimp', and I'm super passionate about music. I've worked very hard to push my vibe and the music I love through a series of mixes that I started around four years ago. I called my project 'Pimpology' and the mixes have gone down very well with folks, and they've helped me gain a healthy number of followers on Soundcloud, which I'm really proud of. I've also been posting most of my mixes exclusively to lifesupportmachine.co.uk music blog for almost three years now, which was a great opportunity and it's also been an amazing platform for me to reach even more people who love funky beats.

I've also had the opportunity to do a couple of guest mixes for 'Breakbeat Paradise' & Cuttin It Fine'."

Listen to his Mixtape on Mixcloud:

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