Mixtape Monday - Winner January 2020

Mixtape Monday - Winner January 2020


"What if it took you a solid 20 years to grow into your bones, musically? Is that a lot or not at all? Some would say starting from scratch after two decades of touring and digging and collaborating with fellow artists is sheer madness. But what if your eye is set on the vanishing point and you are committing yourself to a lifetime of service to music and a community that truly cares about it. I guess, from that point of view, a full reset aint nothing major, really.

PIMAO is a record digger who travels the world scouring basements, backrooms and markets to connect the dots between electronic and organic inflected music of all iterations. New and old. His mission is to create an opening in space and time, at special locations, to serve hardcore music lovers international.

The idea of genre is as obsolete as the difference between you and I."

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