Mixtape Monday - Winner February 2020

Mixtape Monday - Winner February 2020

DJ Blendmaster Rip

"DJ, Turntablist, Music Producer, Rapper performing professionally since 2010. Master of Experimental Music (2016) and Bachelor of Sonic Art (2015), graduated at Brunel University in London. Performed at Berlin Music Video Awards (BMVA) in 2017 after video submission for the contest. That time he applied with the homage DJ routine dedicated to pioneer of electronic music Karlheinz Stockhausen and his work Kontakte: 'Kontrapte Routine'. It is a blend of Trap music, turntablism and early electronic music masterpiece. Curiosity is that all the process of the video recording and production was managed in 100% by me in the university dorm with rented video camera at £0.00 cost.

In 2018 debuted as MC RIP with his first single 'Dawaj na Balet' / Let's Rock the Party, released independently, but promoted by Polish mainstream Hip-Hop label - Altereggo Records on their YouTube channel. Music was mixed and mastered with Bartek Kopyt (DJ Deszczu Strugi), pioneer of Polish Hip-Hip and Polish Turntablism.

DJ Blendmaster Rip performed on stage with a vast amount of Polish rappers, like: KaeN, Kolah, Rymcerze, Dudek P56, Dixon 37, Ks. Jakub Bartczak, Karat Napalm Grupa, Poison777, WUEM ENCEHA, Tektyw (7Łez), Kowal PP, TWM, Barrad Squad, PPZ, DzikiRapGra, Wasiak, Bujko and more."

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