Mixtape Monday - Winner December 2022

Mixtape Monday - Winner December 2022

Calvin Janetty

"Born and raised near Frankfurt/Germany, Calvin found his first turntable in his grandparents' attic. As soon as it was up and running again he started buying some vinyl in a record shop nearby. This happened in 2000 and so these vinyls were Dance and Trance records by German artists like Kai Tracid, DJ Dean, etc.

Still, he loves vinyl and sometimes he's playing some nostalgic sets with the good old sounds. That's btw how this mixtape happened... Just some feelings from the good ol' days. ;)

But back to the main story:

From these days on he started working on skills and mixing different styles of music to bring everything together for the perfect night. Goal: To rock the crowd and give everyone the right beat to celebrate. Whether it's black, pop, EDM, rock or whatever it takes. That's what Calvin is still aiming for: Being open but always in the mix and on point for the listeners mood.

After the first DJ-job 20 years ago at a very small club in a little village he got some bookings in the neighbourhood, perfect to work out the right mix and feeling for the people, no matter if 20 or 200 guests.

In the 2010's there were many clubs and bookings and also residencies on his way. He's been around on some european festivals, big clubs and also events with up to 15.000 partypeople. Great years!

Nowadays, Calvin is turning the tables mostly on weddings, corporate events, bars and, of course, throwback and strictly classics parties.

Most important: Giving YOU the right feeling!"


Listen to his Mixtape on Mixcloud:

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