Mixtape Monday - Winner August 2021

Mixtape Monday - Winner August 2021

Fabio Forlivesi

"The passion for music was born as a child listening mixtapes of Mozart (Claudio Rispoli) and Daniele Baldelli residents DJ at the Baia degli Angeli club. In the early 90s I listened an electronic music radio program where music by Aphex Twin, µ-Ziq, Bandulu, Higher Intelligence agency, Future Sound of London and much more of the english electronic music movement. It was love at first sight.

A few months later I bought my first console and started buying records. At the same time I went to clubs to see Italian and international DJs in action and learn mixing techniques.

Over the years I have played in various clubs, underground parties and pubs. I don't play a specific musical genre, I play the one that "creates emotions", with particular attention to rhythms and melodies."


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