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You've got the gear, now build your skills.

Pad drumming, or cue point drumming, has become an essential tool for DJs, producers, beat makers and musicians - in the studio and on stage.

Melodics is software that help you learn & get better at Pad Drumming, with lessons produced by huge international artists, DJs and producers.

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Melodics and Reloop are super excited to give you access to exclusive content, and a $50 discount on an annual subscription, to get you started on the path to pad mastery!

How to get started with Melodics:

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Download the latest version of Melodics at and install it.
Launch Melodics. During setup, you’ll be asked if you have a Promo code.

Learn how to play like a world class finger drummer:

Melodics offers exclusive lessons by Carl Rag for Reloop customers.

Watch Carl Rag performing on Beatpad 2