Zan Lyons

One of the most distinctive audio/visual performers to date, violinist, producer and film-maker zan lyons’ stunning shows have received critical acclaim across the globe. Explosive beats collide with melancholic concertos. Using his laptop and custom foot pedals, Zan loops his violin, voice and sounds - while manipulating his haunting visuals - to incredible effect. Zan’s film making process retains the organic approach established by his music. A one man army, Zan directs, shoots, edits, and lights all of his films himself as well as doing all of the complex animation and visual effects work. The result is hypnotic and otherworldly, bringing a truly cinematic vision to the audio/visual world!

His films have quickly earned Zan high profile recognition with nominations from Lux and the London Short Film Festival and screenings on MTV2 as well as the Cannes, Onedotzero and Raindance Film Festivals. Recently, Zan has performed with the likes of battles and Chris Clark as well as collaborating with warp records’ Leila and embarking on a european tour with Fuck Buttons.

Zan Lyons uses:

I've used several of the smaller keyboard for my live shows. The Reloop Keypad is easily several levels above the competition. The build quality is exceptional. The pads, faders and knobs are all responsive and sturdy. And even though the keys are mini-sized, they have a great action that means playing feels natural and fluid. Intergration with Ableton Live is about seamless and well thought out.  Overall this keyboard packs in incomprehensible amount of features into it's tiny body without ever feeling cramped or compromised. The Keypad has managed to replace both my studio keyboard and live controller and offers more flexibility than both combined.

An exceptional product!

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