Subeena is Sabina Plamenova from London.
Her work was initially grouped within dubstep, however it has quickly evolved and has become more diverse, crossing over various “electronic music” genres but at the same time not losing that distinct sound in which Subeena began experimenting with.
She used to co-run Imminent Recordings togerther with producer Dot.

Subeena uses:

The Keypad has combined individual controllers that I was hoping to implement for my new live setup. I was looking into the option of being able to add live drums alongside quickly recording melodies, while at the same time working within Ableton Live's session view. So the combination of the keyboard, the velocity sensitive pads and the session view 'optimised' faders turned out being pretty much what I was looking for in one same device.

The controller is light and despite of the different elements it has a reduced size and fits a record bag, which is a big plus for me. Of course it also avoids you needing a lot of cables, which is what I always try to reduce as much as I can. Since I also need my external sound card, microphone and a couple of other bits and bobs, I find it quite important to keep it all as minimal and organised as possible in order to be able to feel more relaxed about the entire setup and the performance.

In terms of its functions, I have so far found it to be an intuitive and user friendly device, which allows you to work more independently from the computer screen, or at least take much longer breaks from it while playing. The arpeggiator was also a nice surprise, which I will definitely use. For the moment I have mostly been focussing on the Keypad's use for my live set, but will definitely be using it for composing as well, as all the advantages described so far can only be beneficial for writing tunes.

I was really looking for this type of controller and can't wait to use it live very soon.