Senate DJs

Extreme over saturation & social guideline’s stop a lot of people from connecting to new DJs. Everyone's a DJ but most haven’t a clue on what a DJ really is. We built to expand the culture using the talent & works of our DJ crew to power a new standard. To create a beacon for all those that still believe in our art and want to see it evolve respectfully.
“The Senate DJ is a DJ that represents his art form and dedicates his life to it.”

September 2009 in discussion with friend & Brooklyn native, DJ Dramadik & Jersey native, Anthony Sojo (DJ Sojo) the concept to organize and set up a crew of East Coast DJs, called "The Senate DJs", was presented. The founders worked hard on the new focus to build an empire of pure talent. Sojo & Dramadik searched for DJs full of talent who hold their own specific style and tool set. A DJ with skills that carries on certain old school traditions but who can also incorporate tomorrow’s newest technology. A DJ that cuts from a certain cloth, in other words, a certain vinyl.

With recruiting such an elite and dominating line up, The Senate DJs became an established crew in 2010, uniting a network of profound DJs that follow a strict code of values through positivity and excellence. The Senate DJs began and continue on their mission to become a global and highly regarded entity throughout the music industry. All members represent core values of integrity, tradition, respect, knowledge and most importantly SKILLS.

The Senate's in session, keeping the art of mixing MUSIC alive!

The Senate DJs use:

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