Oliver Koletzki

Oliver started producing his first songs in the 80`s with a Commodore 64. Aged 13, he took guitar and piano lessons. His initiatives were Breakdance and Hiphop music of the early 90`s. Since passing his A-levels, he is studying music at the Berlin Humboldt university. Occasionally he`s doing sounddesign for films of the University of arts in Berlin. He's a workaholic and all he does all day is about music.


Oliver Koletzki uses:

Oliver Koletzki about the RMP-3 Alpha

All things considered I am very satisfied with the Reloop RMP-3. Regarding the functions that are most important to me, like handling and even speed, the RMP-3 does not have to hide behind the mighty competitors. The DSP effects sound great and the loop-bar buttons are very convenient. I especially fancy the USB port. Theoretically bringing two USB sticks to a DJ gig would be sufficient. Overall the device has a very chic look and the rubberized buttons and controllers are very comfortable. If there has to be a critique it would be the fact that after inserting the CD the reading time is a bit slower.

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