Nina Hepburn

Nina Hepburn comes from northern Germany's most beautiful city: Hamburg! Born and raised in the North, with the typical Rhenish cheerful nature – a good combination.

She grew up in a musical family which means she was able to build a trustworthy relationship with music. Back in the day she learned to play the violin and played in an orchestra for a while. She discovered her passion for electronic music a little later, starting with harder, progressive EDM and eventually discovering techno.

Nina Hepburn excites her audience with hard, but also deep, pumping sound. She doesn't only stand behind the decks but also likes being on the dancefloor for workouts after her university lectures in order to let her endorphins run free. Additionally she takes this opportunity to get inspired for her future productions. After discovering her love for the ''black gold'', she is planning to support her DJ sets with improvised live percussions.

Nina already played in various electronic clubs around Hamburg, such as the Hamburg Docks at ''Gans oder Kranich'' and in the Bollwerk in Luebeck at the ''Klangmaterial Festival''. This summer she is going to play at the ''WEIRD'' boat party. We wonder which surprises Nina has for 2016 to get the crowds on the dancefloor.

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