Lone Drum

Based just outside of London, Lone Drum has been Djing since he was 15. His love of Hip Hop, scratching and all thing battle DJing landed himself residencies around the London breaking scene. He then started to dabble with production software, manipulating breaks, old funk and soul records all inspired by the Breakdance/Hip-Hop culture.

As production became a bigger part of his life he started to write different types of music and that lead to his first release on Colony Productions. This became the start of his introduction to the UK Bass scene, regularly Djing alongside peers in the bass heavy world of Halftime. After a music collaboration with Kursa, they later teamed up with Osmetic to form the group K.L.O. The first album ‘Acid Scratch’ was written by the trio and has lead to gigs all over the USA with their blend of Breaks, Halftime, Bass, Scratching and a touch of Hip Hop.

Meanwhile, Lone Drum was taking on more of his own solo releases and becoming a resident artist and scratch Dj of the Slug Wife crew with releases such as ‘Pedal Boss’ and ‘Monochrome’. This led to solo shows and tours of the USA and to an agency signing at Sub.Mission based out of Denver, Colorado.

Lone Drum uses:

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