Dr Motte

Hardly anyone has so decisively formed and shaped the technoscene like Dr. Motte. He is a dreamer and visionary, an ambassador for electronic music world wide. His sound is ambitious, energyloaded and multifaceted. Compelling club-grooves he binds with driven techno beats and fashions underground music accessible to a wider public.

Whoever considers music to have a social responsibility
within our culture is and remains progressive.

The dance scene in the mid-80′s was small and barely noticed by the general public. A hint of the mass phenomena that defined the 90′s was no where to be found. His associates only wanted to do with electronic music and the sounding out of these new developments unfolding in music. Under the motto “Peace, Happiness and Pancakes” there followed 150 music and dance lovers on 01.07.1989 at the Kürfurstendamm.

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