DJ Turko

Turko has spent years walking tall with his delicate sessions and earning a small legion of followers who have chosen to travel with this artist in the city of Barcelona. Born in Buenos Aires City, he found his passion for music at age ten. At twenty-one he goes to Barcelona, and begins to make first contact with turntables. This is where he creates and propels the successful party "Sunset Sound Sessions" and gives life to the "Fake Out!" party series. At present he spends most of his time on music production, as well as the artistic and general production of Fake Out! events, which are currently being held at venues such as BeCool, City Hall, Boulevard, Chiringuito Calamar, La Terrrazza, to name a few, also in combination with the presentation of conferences and performing workshops for DJ products of various companies.

In the Keypad I have found the ideal companion for my gigs. For playing my live sets as well as for adding some bass lines and synths to my DJ sets, the Keypad has given me all the solutions in a super-compact, lightweight and easy to carry device. I have not needed to expand the size of my DJ suitcase to make room for this little monster. The automap function integrated with Ableton live has saved me the tedious job of assigning each parameter. I can control the main parameters of up to 16 channels by just plugging it to the usb port. One of my favorite features is the arpeggiator, which is built into the device and gives a lot inspiration to my sets. Definitely a highly recommended product for all fellow musicians!

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