DJ Prozeiko

The born Berliner has achieved all that what a lot of people are dreaming of. He is the formal threefold DJ world champion, had gigs with bands like Black Eyed Peas, Sean Paul or Paul van Dyk and is touring constantly around the globe with his brilliant virtuosic DJ set. 

„I just have so much fun in elating people and in playing good music”

His comprehension for music and his basic knowledge about it is unique. His spread is exhaustless.

DJ PRO-ZEIKO is creating his own dynamic style of music, because of his way to mix, he connect for example classic with electro in an artistic way to give it a soul-sample in the right groove for the end. DJ PRO-ZEIKO is also famous for his explosive urban vs. house mix.

DMC Supremacy World Champion 2005
ITF Advancement World Champion 2005
ITF Beatjuggling World Champion 2005
DMC Team Vice-World Champion 2007

DJ Prozeiko uses:

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