DJ LU2 combines creative mixing with precise technical scratching with a selected musical taste. By combining the best urban classics with a new generation of amazing bass music, like trap, twerk, electro, ghetto funk and turntablism tricks, Lu2 takes the art of blending to a whole new level.

Since 2009 he has been moving around the various competitions among the most famous DJs; without a doubt one of the DMC Champions. In these competitions he regularly occupies top places.

He has played
over 1000 parties
across Europe.

I.e. Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Croatia, among others. He collaborated with people from the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as playing alongside DJs like Eskei83 (D), Fly (F), Wich (CZ), Roxtar (CZ), Mad Skill (D), Maztah (CZ), Orion (CZ), Yanko King (SK), Hajtkovič (SK), amp; Tager (SK).

DJ LU2 regularly organizes workshops called "Scratch Session" where people from the turntablist scene meet, talk and learn.

DJ LU2 uses:

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