DJ Izoh

DJ IZOH started his DJ career when he saw a DJ-battle program on Television at age of 15. He developed his skills to deliver a massive performance, that sticks to a traditional form of Hip Hop, like body tricks, words play, and musical plots.

He showed what DJ is
to the general public.

His strong performance and enthusiasm is enough to draw the crowd into fascinating experience. He showed what DJ is to the general public. DJ IZOH invaded not only Japanese huge music shows but also world wide gigs. DJ IZOH welcomed as the first international guest to DMC US Finals in NY and made the crowd jumping in 2013.

On 5th Mar. 2014, DJ IZOH finally drop the first album titled "CRATCH YOUR WORLD" as his DJ and MC unit,SUPER SONICS. Don't miss DJ IZOH's upcoming performances as he spins the world through Hip Hop.

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