DJ Anthony Sojo

In the life of DJ/Producer Anthony Sojo, a commitment to his dream, passion for greatness and fire to succeed has landed him in a world he has built over the last 17 years. Growing up with a blood line who has contributed to the love of music and the arts, the soul of Anthony Sojo was born at the age of 17 as he began to train his ear on the Technique 1200's. With his first attempt mashing up 2 hit records the magic of music was locked in the hands of Sojo. With the key to success kept close, an empire of an artist began to brand and establish in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Connections with fellow artists
began to arise

Anthony began dabbling with production starting as a house music producer at the age of 18 and gradually working his way towards an evolving hip hop and R&B scene currently furthering his exploration of new techniques in the EDM and Deep House craze. Connections with fellow artists began to arise and an idea was brainstormed with partner DJ Dramadik and legendary producer D.R Period.

In the year of 2010 The Senate DJ's were founded. With 11 active members in this brotherhood an East Coast entity has formed and has shaped it's way to make a very big mark on the DJ community.

DJ Anthony Sojo uses:

Anthony Sojo ABOUT THE RP-8000:

I have waited a long time to say this... The turntable is back!  For 16 years I have used the turntable as my weapon of choice . The RP turntables from reloop have made me fall back in love. The 8000 is built from the ground up to improve every feature you need, and "with it's pre mapped midi "every feature you could dream of! Reloop listened to the DJs and made us a masterpiece!

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