Cosma Shiva Hagen

Cosma Shiva Hagen, daughter of a Dutch guitar player and German punk rock singer, is born in 1981 in Los Angeles/USA. She breaks away from her parental home very soon and as a teenager she falls in love with acting. TV productions, movies, theater and synchronizations follow quickly. Her interest in art and culture is considerable, for many years she organizes big music festivals from Hamburg to Berlin.

In 2009 Hagen opens "sichtbar", a bar for art and music, including catering which soon becomes an established venue for exhibitions and concerts. In 2013 Hagen closes the "sichtbar" in order to focus solely on art with her new "kulturgold sichtbar". Due to her musical background and wide variety of influences from various musicians and music genres, the choice to play music is obvious.

Nowadays she spins in her own gallery as well as at award ceremonies, parties, clubs and bars all over Germany. In 2015 she released the single "The Only Way" alongside CRAM.

CRAM feat. Cosma "The Only Way"

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