Anna Reusch

THOSE people think that I’m a blonde „Barbie“ doll, who is trying her hand at DJing; THEY’re the ones who will leave as soon as they get to the entrance because it is too loud for them.”

It’s true that Anna Reusch does not fit the stereotypical cliché of what it takes to be a serious act on the Techno music scene – she’s young, blonde, a model – basta! However what THEY don’t know is that at just 14 Anna was using the stereo in her father’s rehearsal room so she could listen to her particular style of music.

She surprises her listeners with
passion, technique and flair.

Having tried and failed to play guitar, drums and piano Anna thought she would just have to settle for listening to music, but at 16 she met a DJ who luckily spotted her talent and technique for recognising the beat and he decided to help her.

At 17 the newcomer was performing as support act on the “Härtegrad Clubnacht” and it didn’t take long before she signed her first recording deal. However, at 18 whilst still at school but also touring throughout Germany Anna decided to throw in the towel as it was all getting a bit too much. Another 3 years passed before she could properly interpret the feeling of itchy fingers which she had been experiencing once in a while, especially when she was out clubbing.

At the end of 2008 Anna decided that she would now concentrate on music and she started to learn. The proper teachers, e.g. George Perry and Peter Latino, who were milestones in the Frankfurt music scene, pointed her in the right direction and opened doors to a previously unknown world : the Techhouse/Techno scene. Driving beats and dramatic arrangements aroused her euphoric listeners and really left an impression. Gig after gig she was able to refine her technique and track by track her style emerged for phatt basslines mixed with dry but grooving melodic beats. She succeeds in her goal to get the crowd to “come with me on a trip of pumpin’ electronic music”.

During 2009 Anna Reusch was able to play a number of great clubs giving her a very respectable list of references, amongst which were U60311 in Frankfurt, Loft in Ludwigshafen, Elektroküche in Cologne, Club Q in Zurich and Festivals such as Summerwave and Nature One. She surprises her listeners with passion, technique and flair. Prejudices are now passé. Her first music productions are in the making – something to look forward to!

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